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A Harry Potter Photo Session

When I was a kid, I still remember laying on my bedroom floor reading the Harry Potter Books. I was obsessed. The characters. The Plot. The Magic. Harry Potter was my childhood. I was at the midnight book releases. I would stand in line, hundreds of other people chattering away. Anticipation to get their hands on the next new adventure. Aromas from the coffee shop and brand new pages of books hung in the hair.

Fast forward, we have a new generation of Harry Potter Fans. My cousin is one of them :) We met Lyla when she was four years old. Her family and ours moved to Kansas City at the exact same time. We knew that she had a special place in our lives. When Alex and I got married, there was no question she would be one of our flower girls. I remember handing her a children’s book about the responsibilities she would have. At five, I thought...her mom will help read her this. :) But no, she flipped it open and started reading paragraphs!!! This girl LOVES to read. Once she was old enough, Harry Potter entered her world. 

I have to brag a little about Lyla's mom. Her mom is a killer seamstress!!!! See the dress in these photos? Her mom made that DRESS!!! I might be able to make a pillowcase if I tried...maybe :D but Lyla’s mom, she is incredible!!! Lyla’s face broke into the biggest smile the moment she put it on. P.S.  I secretly want this dress

Here’s to my next favorite detail. Her shoes!!! You guys, she had Gryffindor shoes on! How amazing is that? The moment she saw us after Christmas she ran up to me and said, “Guess what i got??” :D

To make this session even more magical, Kansas City had just had a winter storm pass through. The ground was blanketed in snow. The trees glistened with ice. Minor disclaimer. It was cold. VERY cold. You could see the frost from your breath. I told Lyla, we are going to run outside, take off your coat, and snap some pictures. She was hesitant, but I knew a moment like this doesn’t happen very often. The details were perfect. The magic of Harry Potter. The magic of winter. All captured in a moment.

As the beginning of 2020 comes to a close, I hope for many more magical moments this year. 

Happy New Year everyone!


Monica Howard, owner of


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