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Brittany's Maternity Session at Nathaneal Greene and Rutledge Wilson Farm

The plan for this beautiful mom's maternity photos was to do individual shots at Nathanael Greene Park and end the day at Rutledge Wilson Farm with the family. I have to say, it could not have worked out more perfectly!!! At Nathanael, Brittany and I casually walked the park while she told me all about how her family is growing. I say casually, but I mean as causal as you can in almost 100 degree heat and full sun. 😂 Noah, her oldest son, is turning five and will be going to Kindergarten this next year! Susan is two and full of all the sass. 😁 Last but not least, baby Henry will be making his debut next month!!!

As we finished at Nathanael Greene, Brittany's husband, Adam, called with a minor hair crisis. If I remember correctly, Susan had pulled the hair tie from her hair and neither one of us had an extra. Once at Rutledge, Brittany managed to use some of the hair ties from her own hair to quickly tie in two braids which Susan was very proud of! You nailed it Brittany 😂 While Susan was showing off her braids, Noah was showing off his boots. It's the little things in life. ❤️

Rutledge is a park that closes early so the only way in is if you park at the trailhead and walk a short distance. I had tested the trail distance out earlier in the week, but I underestimated what it may be like with two kiddos under five. Little longer than I originally thought; definitely would recommend a stroller for future trips...but Susan and Noah did amazing!!! They both walked the whole way in and Susan only requested to be carried a short distance on the way back. Those two are troopers!

We decided to walk deeper into the park, which if you have been to Rutledge, you will know that there is a very cool playground on top of the hill. As someone who has worked with preschoolers professionally, I know that any kiddo would prefer to be on that playground rather than taking family photos. 😂 Noah might have been less than thrilled when he was informed that it might be too dark to play once photos were done, but settled on the promise that he would get a popsicle when we finished. Not long later, Susan was lured back in with this same promise, which she participated most enthusiastically. 😄

P.S. Noah got his wish and they both had time to play on the playground before heading home 😍

Baby Henry, you are already so loved! We can't wait to meet you. ❤️❤️❤️

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