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Cooper's Fall Cake Smash at Nathanael Greene Park

1st Birthday Photos at the Park

Fall arrived late this year. Warm weather continued to sneak back in. Cooper's original session was re-scheduled due to cold weather, but not today. The sun was shining. Temperatures at almost 70. Cooper arrived with his Aunt Olivia, mom, and dad. He had been sleeping for most of the day, so he was ready to go when everyone arrived at Nathanael Greene. His mom pre-warned me that he had a doctor's appointment the day before where he got his shots, so he wasn't quite himself. But you would never know it!!! He was one of the happiest one year olds I've worked with. So many smiles!!!

While Cooper hasn't quite mastered walking on his own, he was an expert crawler. A fast one at that. Each time we set him down, he took off like a rocket. Typically in the direction opposite of the camera and of people 😂 lol. It happened so frequently throughout our time together, the adults in our group turned it into a game on who could coral him in the right direction.

This blog post wouldn't be complete if I didn't admit my own shortcomings. Avery (Cooper's mom), I'm going to apologize in advance again lol I don't know how I turned "Avery" into "Amber," but that's what happened at the start of the session. I must have gotten poor Avery's name wrong multiple times until Olivia helped me out. 🙈🙈🙈 My speech-language pathologist brain was trying to figure out how I got this wrong because I feel so bad!!! Avery, I'm not going to mess that up again! Don't let me lol

I was pre-warned before the cake smash began that Cooper was not the biggest fan of cake on his actual birthday. 😉His Aunt Olivia theorized that it had something to do with the frosting being too thick so she adjusted the recipe (if I'm wrong Olivia feel free to clarify in the comments lol). Also, shoutout to Cooper's Aunt Olivia. She baked and decorated this cake!!! It seriously looks like it was made by a professional bakery. I vote she starts a side business. 😁

Cooper crawled to the cake. He slowly reached for a frosting decor swirl on the top, pulled it off, and then threw it to the side. After about five swirl's, Cooper's dad helped him out by showing him that he could eat it. Then the fun began. Cooper tried a bite, and then another, and then another! I think it was safe to say he was a fan of this cake. By the end, Cooper accidentally knocked the cake over, signaling that he was done...but snuck back for one more bite before he was truly finished. 😄


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