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Elayne and Levi's Engagement Session at Lake Springfield

A Fall Evening by the Lake

Elayne and Levi felt like long time friends! I had the best time with these two 😍. Plus, Elayne is a PT and it always makes my heart so happy to revisit therapy world memories ❤️. Within the two hours we were together, I swear we had a million different lighting changes 😂. I think I spent half the time flipping these two back and forth as well as staring at the sky waiting for clouds to move in front of the sun. It did make me feel a little better that I wasn't the only photographer doing that either. 🤣 Speaking of other photographers, once we started to enter blue hour we decided to head up the road, but not before we passed a giant field filled with more photographers and families than I could count. They came out of no where!!! I will say though, the best time to photograph at Lake Springfield is blue hour. My favorite spot is the Hilltop Pavilion where you can get a beautiful view of the valley with all the fall trees. It was stunning and my favorite part of their session! Elayne and Levi, I can't wait for your wedding!

Elayne + Levi

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