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Jaden's Senior Session on Historic C-Street

An Artist Themed Senior Session on Commercial Street

The temperatures were high. The sky was clear. It felt as though this might be one of the last summer nights of the season. Commercial Street was full of people. Wedding guests wandered in and out of the Savoy. Families gathered outside for dinner. The smell of pizza filled the street. Jaden met me at C-Street Market to start her session. She was wearing a black, flat-top fedora hat carrying a small ukulele case. Her right ear adorned a cuff link helix chain earring. Bold black eyeliner lined the top of her eyes. She looked amazing!!!! Perfect vibes for a session on C-Street.

Our first location was an alley near Pizza House. The concrete floor swirled with mosaic tiles. A large flower mural crawled up the brick wall. I asked Jaden if she had any particular pictures in mind. She explained, "Not really. I just thought I would let you do your thing. Artist to Artist." Jaden, you are incredible! You made my heart so happy. Readers, if you didn't know. Jaden is also an incredible artist. If you want to check out her work, follow the link here. While taking photos, Jaden shared that most of her artwork is digital and she has goals of going into graphic design. Possibly even storyboarding some day! If you're unfamiliar with what a storyboard artist does, they often work on animated movies. They draw and create different scenes. Kind of reminds me of how comic books work. Personally, I think Jaden has the skills to go strait into graphic design or storyboarding. Jaden, you're that good! 😉

Wandering out of the alley, we officially found the teal wall that Jaden had her eye on. Located at Commercial St. and Boonville. Here, we took some of my favorite photos with a yellow bike stand and her ukulele. There were some purple flowers nearby that attracted quite a few honeybees. While my husband would have abandoned the area out of fear of the bees 😂, Jaden loved them. She reached out her hand slowly to see if one would land in her palm. Unfortunately, the wind may have been a bit strong and the bees flew in all sorts of directions. Jaden, we will have to come back on a day with no wind. 😉

From here we hopped all over commercial street. To the "Do good " wall, to walks across the street, and back to the city market. Grabbing her cap and gown, we went on the hunt for the perfect spot to do some confetti pictures. Commercial Street has so many alleys that contain artistic surprises. Eyeing golden light that splashed on a rainbow wall, we stopped. Across the rainbow, the words "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" were written. A quote from Ferris Bueller. Across from this, the words "Keep calm and dream" were printed in bold white letters. How could we resist this spot? So many vibes of hope and inspiration in this small area. Perfect for graduation. Funny story though, we could not do the confetti here. 😂 The wind was too strong. The minute we would place it in Jaden's hands, it blew away. That's alright, we snuck to a new location blocked by wind. It worked just as well!

The skies turned vibrant pink, mixed with purple and blue. The sun had set. We ended the session back at our cars. Taking this last opportunity of light to capture photos in front of the Jefferson Avenue footbridge. Jaden, thank you so much for an incredibly fun session! You have such talent that I know you have the potential for amazing things! I can't wait to see where life takes you. Congratulations!


Class of 2022

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