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Karmyn and Jordan's Engagement Session at Rocky Falls

A Summer Night at a Waterfall in the Ozark's

The thermostat of the car read 103 degrees. Partly sunny skies. Alex and I were meeting Karmyn and Jordan at Rocky Falls for their Engagement session. We met these two at their friend's surprise proposal back in the spring and hit it off right away!! Rocky Falls holds sentimental value to Jordan and Karmyn. Jordan spent a lot of time there growing up and a ton of time there during the pandemic. If you’re unfamiliar with Rocky Falls, like Alex and I were, it’s located not far off of highway 60 near Eminence, MO. Very easy to get to as there is only a short walk to the waterfall from the parking lot. I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about this place!!! My one fear was that there would be a load of people there. By the end of the night, we had the whole pace to ourselves!!! That is a win 😍.

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that Alex loves to chat. We often end up stuck for a minute because he gets very into conversations 🤣. I think he finally met his match with Jordan. Jordan is an avid conversationalist. Jordan, you have great narrative skills!!!! And that’s coming from my background as a Speech-Language Pathologist. You could seriously start a podcast. Maybe even mixing in your skills with music 😁. Just food for thought 😉. My favorite story from the night was the proposal! While the whole situation during the day of the proposal seemed a bit suspicious from Karmyn’s perspective, especially when the photographer made her cover and close her eyes during what she thought was just a fun section of anniversary photos, everything ended up working out. And the ring is just GORGEOUS!!!! Also loved the part about how the security guy didn’t believe you were getting engaged even though you were carrying a sign that said “Will you Marry me?” 🤣. Neither of you are going to forget that day!

Once at Rocky Falls, we started taking photos. Starting in the gravel section and moving to a hidden creek area. I was saving the hike up the cliffside until later in the evening. As people cleared out, I attempted shots with the large waterfall in the background. A nice older woman helped us out by yelling for her husband to move out of the shot 😂. She jokingly said, “he’s a photographer too, he gets it, he won’t mind.” After a few shots, we headed up the cliffside. If you like rock climbing in any way, you are going to love this location. I didn’t expect to rock climb that day but it made my heart happy!!! Alex and I used to rock climb all the time while living in KC. Unfortunately, Springfield has hardly any options. If anyone knows of any good options, drop them in the comments below 😁.

At the top, the skies were turning a mixture of blue, pink, and gold. Filled with clouds. A beautiful view of the surrounding forest and creek below. Even though we were burning up from the heat. It’s hard not to feel amazing at how stunning it was! We made our descent down the front of the waterfall. The roar of the rushing water so loud I resorted to pantomiming and gesturing. Sorry if this seemed like a hot mess you two 🤣. We ended the night with Karmyn and Jordan switching into swimming gear and wading into the water. Karmyn and Jordan, thank you so much for inviting Alex and I out to this amazing place!!! It was so fun and we will have to go back 😁.

Karmyn + Jordan


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