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Kayla and Justin's Engagement Session at Nathaneal Greene Park

A Summer Evening at the Park

Kayla and Justin had their engagement session at Nathanael Greene Park on a warm summer evening in July. This is the type of session where we hunted down every fountain and body of water we could find, hoping for a cool breeze 😍. Besides the temperature, this photoshoot was INCREDIBLE!!! So many stunning images I literally can't decide which one is my ultimate favorite. The best thing about Nathanael is that they keep adding and renovating the park. Kayla and Justin were my first couple to have pictures on the new peninsula on the pond. It features a beautiful mosaic sundial that I can't wait to check back in on throughout the seasons. Not only was the location amazing, the sunset took my breath away. Kayla and Justin, I am ready for the holidays!!!! Your wedding is going to be wonderful ❤️.

Kayla + Justin


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