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A Family Breakfast

A family breakfast in Springfield, MO

Fun fact, breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. I love pastries, fruit, coffee, and most of all..the sunrise that comes along with it! A while ago, Abby asked if I could take some special photos of her grandmother and her grandmother's children at a breakfast that they were going to host in her grandmother's honor. The morning of the breakfast, temperatures were below freezing; however, the sky filled with brilliant shades of orange and yellow. ☀️ I wanted to pull over and take photos right then and there. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful morning. Especially since the previous days were filled with gloomy skies and torrential rain. 🌧

This shoot was going to be different. Mostly filled with candid moments to capture memories this family is sharing together. Here's the thing about candid moments, you never know which photos are going to have the most impact on the individual being captured. Back in February, I was shooting a wedding with a good friend of mine. Unknown to us at the time, we captured a moment at the exact same time from different angles. Now, normally this wouldn't have been a big deal, maybe something we wouldn't even have noticed in post production; however, one of the moments ended up being one of the bride's favorite photos. Not only is that a memory the bride wants to cherish, but something my friend and I will remember for most of our lives as well. There might be moments captured at this breakfast that I might not even realize the significance. That's the beautiful part of being with family. Decades worth of memories building up to this one moment. One of these photos might have captured a deeply rooted memory, traces of a personality, or something that they will be able to look back on for the rest of their lives. I just want to say, thank you Gail's family for letting me be a hidden part of this day. Also...thank you for trusting me to bring you to a random spot in the parking lot because the light was too stunning to pass up for photos! 😁 Gail, you have a beautiful family!!!


I loved this little coffee cup on the wall, but I am imagining in my head that it said "Good FAMILY, good coffee, good life." ❤️

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