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Allison and Branden's Wedding at Stonegate Glass Chapel

"I get to love you, It's the best thing that I'll ever do"

Allison and Branden could not have picked a more perfect day in March to get married. Their wedding was at the tail end of winter, but you would have never known it. Trees and flowers were already in bloom making it feel like we were entering the heart of April. Spring came early this year and it was the absolute best! Some of my favorite moments from their wedding day included the three first looks (one with Allison and her dad, one with Branden and Allison's daughter, and one with Allison and Branden), the surprise chapel exit, and the cake cutting! If you're familiar with exits at weddings, in almost all cases, they require some degree of oversight in order to help guide the guests to the appropriate spots. Allison, Branden, and I had chatted about whether they wanted to do an additional exit after their ceremony since guests would be filing out of the chapel from their receiving line. We nixed the idea thinking that too many guests would head back to the reception hall. Well, for the first time, guests naturally lined up outside the chapel doors 😂. One of Stonegate's employee's actually came back inside to ask Allison and Branden if they were doing an exit since all the guests were lined up 🤣. They decided to sieze the moment and ran with it! Last, I adored their cake cutting. As a side note, they chose the most delicious deserts. I didn't even get to try the coconut cake or their cookies, but I constantly heard guests and staff raving about them! Allison and Branden were so careful cutting their cake it took two attempts. I just remember smiling with them through my camera! Allison and Branden, thank you so much again for giving me the opportunity to capture these memories. I wish you both the very best! ❤️

Allison + Branden

Dream Team

Hair/Make-up: Katlyn Moffitt

Officiant: Doug Thomas

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