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A Third Anniversary in Kansas City

I still remember the moment when I walked down the aisle. It was Christmas time. Mistletoe was hanging from the ceiling. Warmth from the sun shined through the windows, despite the cold rain outside. Christmas lights enveloped the space. This memory feels like it was just yesterday. Three years have flown by before we even knew it.

The photographer in me is most proud of the tradition I’ve been able to keep going since the day we got married. Alex and I get dressed up. I got my hair and makeup done (shoutout to Mallory Doss and Angela Grosen for making me feel beautiful) and we headed out to do anniversary pictures. This is the first year that we’ve stayed in Kansas City for pictures. Just the two of us.

Photographer disclaimer. It is much easier to have a separate photographer taking photos then setting a self timer. LOL. We arrived at Liberty Memorial. You guys… there was hardly anyone THERE!!! I felt like I hit the jackpot because I can’t even imagine the funny stares we would have gotten as I made Alex pose while I got the self timer and ran to pose with him. We were in fits of giggles the whole time. Also, props to my amazing husband for taking killer headshots of me for my new website launch.

We finished the day near our home. I wrapped my hands around the bouquet. Remembering that walk down the aisle three years ago. Alex wrapped his arms around me tight. The sunset left a warm orange glow that brought the biggest smile to my face. We took our last pictures and headed inside. A gentle smell of lemon rose into the air as I cut a piece of cake for the two of us to share.

May 2020 bring us new adventures and experiences that continue to strengthen our marriage.  Happy New Year!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Alex, with love,



Makeup: Mallory Doss

Hair: Angela Grosen 

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Kansas City


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