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Nicholas and Kristen's Wedding at Stonegate Glass Chapel

"You're the finest thing around, So I will stand my ground"

Nicholas and Kristen got married on a beautiful November day! Their wedding had an abundance of joyous moments that even as I write this, they bring a smile to my face 😄. I always start a wedding day photographing the details. These are specially selected items that you choose to wear or bring. For Kristen, I won't lie, my favorite details were her socks.😍 She wore two different socks. Each sock represented her children. So cute, but so very special and sentimental. In terms of moments...I LOVED their flower man. He stole the show walking down the aisle and made all the guests burst into laughter. Second favorite moment was Finn (Kristen and Nicholas' son) during the ceremony. Right when they went in for a kiss to seal their marriage. Finn was enjoying fruit snacks and having the best time 😂. Lastly, I loved their LED balloon send-off. Believe it or not, this was my first time photographing LED balloons and I thought they were so fun!! Plus they showed up so well on camera. I couldn't believe it! 😍 Kristen and Nicholas, your wedding was wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS again ❤️.

Kristen + Nicholas

Dream Team

Flowers: Linda's Flowers

Videography: All Occasion Video

Make-Up: Andie Lewis

Hair: Kelly Sigman with Sola Salons

Bride's Ring: Kay Jewelers

Groom's Ring: Thorum

Bartending: Top Shelf

Officiant: Mike Blaine

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