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Cheyanne and Gaven's Wedding at Storiebook Moments

"You are a lifetime"

Wedding day was here. Gaven and his groomsmen were on the patio of Storiebook Moments. Smiling and chatting. Casually playing corn hole while sipping a variety of drinks. Walking into the venue, everything was ready for the ceremony. White chairs empty. Waiting for guests that would fill them hours later. Cake and surrounding cupcakes hidden in the corner. Gaven's details were rounded up. A pair of dress shoes, cologne that he jokingly told us was from Walmart, cufflinks, and a boutonniere. His watch unfortunately didn't arrive until later. Cheyanne was hidden away in the bridal suite. Finishing touches were being made to her hair. She was all smiles! Her mere-maid styled gown encrusted with jewels hanging behind her. We gathered her details: shoes, necklace, perfume, invitations, the rings, bracelet, veil, and earrings. All of the items that were carefully chosen to be used on her wedding day. Carrying them carefully outside, I got to work photographing while Cheyanne and her bridesmaids finished getting ready. Wrapping up with a final picture of her dress, I headed back inside.

Gaven was finishing up putting on his suit. His watch had finally arrived. It did take some time to get the watch out of the box as we had to hunt down some scissors to free it. The watch was very tightly secured with a zip tie 🤣. After watching a video on how to tie a tie, Gaven was officially ready for some getting ready photos. We positioned ourselves on the patio where we originally saw Gaven beginning his day and captured him finalizing all his wedding day wear. Once complete, we headed back to the bridal suite.

All the bridesmaids were ready and the plan was to take a pajamas photos and then hide them away. Once we took the picture, the bridesmaids ran to get in their gowns to prepare for the first look. Once in their gowns, it was time for Cheyanne to get into her dress. We sent everybody out of the room except for Cheyanne's mom and stepmom. The back of Cheyanne's gown was lined with buttons. Each requiring a loop to be secured around each one. This is one of the more challenging parts of the day. Cheyanne even had two additional buttons that were disguised as beaded flowers and extraordinarily difficult to secure a loop around. Between her moms and I, we managed to secure each one 😂. Cheyanne was ready and her bridesmaids were eager to see her. We hid Cheyanne in the bathroom and brought the bridesmaids in for their first look. As they turned around, wide smiles formed as well as joyful tears. Two sisters hugged each other tightly. The next, and incredibly emotional first look, came with Cheyanne's dad. As Cheyanne walked up behind him. She fanned her eyes. Tears already forming. As her dad turned around his eyes shined. Both embraced.

Gaven was just outside the main doors. Facing away. Cheyanne gently pushed them open. Gaven closed his eyes in anticipation. Cheyanne slowly walked up behind him. Gently touching his shoulder with her hand. He turned. Eyes locked. Tears came. They both took turns taking in the moment and just being joyful that this day had arrived. Gaven and Cheyanne were left alone to be together while we rounded up the wedding party. Returning back outside we began photos. The party had arrived! A moment that made me giggle as a photographer was when Larry, their videographer, gave the wedding party the prompt to cheer for audio purposes. As the wedding party was positioned in a tunnel formation, Gaven and Cheyanne began to run through. Silence followed. Needless to say we had to do it again. 😂

Guests began to arrive and the ceremony chairs started to fill. Family and wedding party lined up. As the music started, the processional began. Two very important ring bearers made their appearance. Tank and Gracie. Tank wearing a suit and Gracie in a bedazzled collar. They took their jobs very seriously. For those of you who don't know. Tank and Gracie are Cheyanne and Gaven's dogs. They were just the sweetest!! Curtains closed in preparation for the bride. The music changed. The curtain opened. Cheyanne and her dad were revealed. As they began their walk. Gaven dropped to his knees. Tears running down his and family members faces. The ceremony began with a cord of three strands ceremony. Followed by an exchange of rings and sealed with a kiss.

After family photos, grand entrances to dinner were supposed to occur. There was a slight mishap with the catering and the macaroni and cheese had not arrived. Grand entrances were postponed. As the skies became overcast it became the perfect time to do husband and wife portraits. Tank made an appearance a few times. He just wanted in on the photos too! By some miracle, the macaroni arrived with not too much time being delayed. Props to the catering company!!! Macaroni and cheese is one of my favorites 😁. I would have been sad if it didn't make it 😂.

Grand entrances kicked off the reception and dinner was served. Followed by speeches. As the rain started to move in, we were losing a window to take photos with staged getaway car. Cake cutting came first. Cheyanne and Gaven carefully worked together to pull a piece out of the cake. They gently fed each other a small bite and then Cheyanne attempted to catch Gaven off-guard. She tried to put some in his face and then he retaliated in kind. 🤣 Unfortunately choosing a cupcake with red frosting. By the end. It was on her dress, smeared on her face, and in Gaven's hair. As we went outside to take photos with the car, you would never know what had just occurred. There might be a few red streaks in Gaven's hair if you look really closely. 😂

Heading back inside to wrap up the night, Gaven and Cheyanne had their first dance, then Cheyanne with her dad, and ending with Gaven and his mom. The lights dimmed and the party began! As the sun went down, the DJ announced it was time for the sparkler exit. Lining guests up outside, the sparklers were lit. As Cheyanne and Gaven ran through, fireworks exploded behind them. To officially end the night, we took a backlit photo in front of their neon "The Schmidt's" sign. A photo Cheyanne had been dreaming of prior to the wedding. The day could not have been more perfect!

Gaven and Cheyanne, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture this amazing day. It was the best!

Gaven + Cheyanne

Dream Team

Venue/Coordinator: Storiebook Moments

Catering: Dicky's BBQ

Videography: Larry McMillian

DJ: Jay Heartman

Wedding Gown: Mimi's Bridal

Makeup: Hunter Watson

Hair: Stormie Barber

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