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Elizabeth and Wyatt's Engagement Session in the Country

Home is Where the Heart Is

It was a perfect fall day. Temperatures in the 80s. Getting progressively cooler as the sun went down. Alex joined me for this session. We met Elizabeth at a wedding show in August! She was with a large group of people and we immediately connected. Wyatt was not with her at the show and we were excited to meet them together! Our GPS took us to a place that in my gut I knew was not right 😂. It was a brand new neighborhood with many housing units under construction. From the way Elizabeth described her property, this was not matching up. I took a picture of where we were at and emailed her right away. She gave me a call and we stayed on the line until she navigated me to a gravel road where her dad waited with a 4-Wheeler waiting to take us to their place. We followed behind him until we arrived at Elizabeth’s parents home. Elizabeth, Wyatt, Elizabeth's sister, and their dog, Paisley, were ready to start the session. Her parents home sits on a large amount of acreage. I knew we were going to get beautiful field shots, especially at blue hour!

Elizabeth, Wyatt, Alex, and I hopped into their truck and they drove us to a spot in the field where we would begin pictures. We got to chat about what they are doing in life. This is one of my favorite parts of engagement sessions. Learning about my couples and their story! Elizabeth is studying to be a middle school teacher and Wyatt drives a truck. Pretty much all over too! They are currently building a tiny home right next to her parents' property. This is something you might not know about me...I’ve been obsessed with tiny homes for years now! I watch all the tiny home videos on youtube and watch any sort of show featuring these amazing structures. I am fascinated on how to create living spaces that truly support your lifestyle in a minimalistic way. While I know a typical tiny house is probably not the direction I need to go with my photography business. I shared with Elizabeth and Wyatt that my new obsession is to eventually own a class-b RV. For photography, this would be the perfect little home on wheels to do mini one or two night adventures. Since it’s not quite in the budget right now 😂 …hopefully I can win one. That’s the plan.

We took photos with Paisley first. Alex didn't quite catch her name and asked them what it was again. They explained that her name was “Paisley.” Alex excitedly repeated back “Haisley! That’s a pretty name.” I turned and said, “No, it’s Paisley. Not haisley.” “Haisley?” Alex repeated back. 🤣🤣🤣 NO, Paisley…like you pay somebody. At this point I might have explained to Elizabeth and Wyatt that Alex has trouble with hearing a smidgen. But he did eventually get her name 😂❤️. After Paisley was done with pictures, I took a ton of Elizabeth and Wyatt in the field and we decided to check out their pond area. Elizabeth warned me that it was very green.

On our way to the pond, Elizabeth ran to get a jacket she had custom ordered from Etsy. Also an obsession of mine 🙌. Just ordered something for my own holiday pictures this year from Etsy. Seriously, it’s the best! Elizabeth’s jacket was white and perfectly cropped for a bridal gown. On the back of the jacket read “Mrs. Wilson.” I LOVED IT!!! I can’t wait to see her in this jacket on her wedding day ❤️❤️❤️. We made it to the pond and Elizabeth was right….it was very green. She joked that it reminded her of Shrek's swamp 😂. Based on where the sun was, the swamp was hardly in the photos. Here we took photos with her jacket and some miller lites. So fun 😁.

Elizabeth left to change into her second outfit while I took a ring shot. Wyatt, on the other hand, was prepping his truck for photos while Alex chatted with him. They may have connected on stocks a bit 😉. When Elizabeth returned, she was in a short white dress with a light blue jean jacket. Her shoes were my favorite part! Ankle high boots with cow print. Between her and Wyatt, their outfits complimented each other PERFECTLY!! I was obsessed. We took photos with Wyatt’s semi and then headed down the gravel road which Elizabeth said would be beautiful at sunset…and she was right! These were some of my favorite photos of the night ❤️.

After the gravel road, we headed back up to her parents house, took some ending field shots during blue hour. While there was still some light left, we asked if we could have a tour of their tiny home. The shell is currently complete and they are hoping to have it completely done by their wedding. Elizabeth and Wyatt, we had the best time!!! Thank you for sharing a piece of your story with us and we can’t wait for your big day!!! It will be here before we know it. ❤️

Elizabeth + Wyatt

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