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Jens and Cheyanne's Engagement Session in Buffalo, MO

A Surprise Sunset Session in the Country

The weather forecast didn't look good. At least a 40% chance of thunderstorms. Cheyanne and I had been in contact a few days prior to the session. We were trying to decide if we should re-schedule or go for it. For readers who are not from Missouri, our weather here is a little crazy. Even with the predicted storms, there is a chance we could have a beautiful sunset with clear skies. You'll never guess what happened...the moment we pulled up, the sun burst out from behind the clouds. 😂 The skies cleared and the temperatures rose. My heart was so happy!!!

Jens and Cheyanne invited me out to Cheyanne's family's property. Multigenerational acreage that Jens and Cheyanne plan to live on one day too. As we walked the gravel road, a deer popped out of the woods and disappeared on the other-side. We hoped to see more throughout our time, but we only saw one more. Originally, we planned to do photos at Jens and Cheyanne's home. They had goats that we were hoping to do some photos with, however; the goats were pregnant and about to have babies...which means they may have been a little grumpy and might not have appreciated being the center of attention 🤣. We joked that by next week the babies would be here 😂. How cute would photos of baby goats have been?!!! 😍

Jens and Cheyanne are both nurses and met while they worked in the same unit. Both have such kind hearts and I can tell they care deeply for their patients. They plan to have an intimate wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family. Fall is Cheyanne's favorite season which naturally made it her first choice for the time of year to get married! As we move into the warmer months, I'm already dreaming of those cooler fall days ❤️. Their wedding is going to be beautiful!

A little past eight, the sun started dipping behind the trees. A pure yellow/gold sunset illuminating the fields with light. We chose our spot carefully in front of a large pond. I made sure to save this spot for last 🥰. As the sun started to disappear, we wrapped up and started our trek back to the cars. Cheyanne and Jens, I had the best time!! I can't wait for your wedding day!!!

Cheyanne + Jens

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