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Greenwood Springs Styled Shoot

"Let the Venue Inspire You"

As a wedding photographer today, I see the wedding planning process different compared to when I was a bride. While I would never trade my wedding day for anything, if I were to plan it again I might look at it with fresh eyes. Making choices more strategically. Which is how many things in life work I suppose 😊. We learn from our experiences and we share what we have learned with others. This is why I LOVE styled shoots. Being put on a team to create something beautiful just because we were inspired. In this case, letting the venue be our inspiration. Last October, I had the honor of being on a team with Sherri from Greenwood Springs, Rebecca from Becca Bakes, Autumn from Finn and Olive Floral, and Kayla from Vintage Country Rental.

I had never been to Greenwood Springs before and the moment I saw a picture of it online I thought, "this place reminds me of the movie Brave." If you're unfamiliar with Brave, it's a Disney movie set in Scotland about a red haired princess named Merida. With this in mind, we fell in love with the idea of including colors of forest green, red, and purple. The most magical part about our shoot, we were in peek fall with the trees turning from green to bright reds and yellows. Nestled in the Ozark's, Greenwood Springs provides couples with an escape from urban life to a charming, romantic country side experience. You might just feel like you've walked into the forests of Scotland. Don't wait, go check it out 😉.

The Dream Team from Metropolitan Weddings

Dress: Sara Loree's

Hair and Makeup: The Cutting Edge Salon

Model: Megan Larson


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