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Hannah and Austin's Styled Wedding at Hope Springs Farm

September 1, 2021

The day of Hannah and Austin's styled wedding was warm and sunny. August had finally come to a close. Early that morning, cool breezes swept the Ozark's. Whispering of the hint that fall was around the corner. Hope Springs Farm is located deep in the country. Visitors drive a mile and a half on white gravel roads until coming upon this picturesque farm. Most of Hannah and Austin's event was to take place in the farm's brand new greenhouse. Several team members came together to turn this blank canvas into a fairy tale dream. Charcuterie stretched across the table. An arch made of greenery and adorned with roses framed the couple. The cake subtly decorated with macarons suggested that we were no longer in southwest Missouri, but rather, the french countryside.

Sometimes, traditional wedding attire rules are meant to be broken. In Hannah and Austin's case, trading in the white gown and black tux. Hannah wore a long sleeved, blush pink gown embroidered with flowers. Her hair was loosely braided to the side and woven with a gold headpiece. Austin was dressed in a maroon tie and gold jacket, complementing the embroidered flowers on Hannah's dress and headpiece in her hair. This bride and groom could have walked strait out of a fairy tale. Honestly, i'm pretty sure they did. ❤️

Bride and Groom Portraits

One of the incredible benefits of seeing each other before a ceremony is taking bride and groom portraits prior to becoming husband and wife. Shelby, one of the amazing photographers on this team, turned to the bride and groom and said "I'm taking you into the wilderness." 😁 We proceeded to walk a good distance through tall grass. Fear of ticks may have crossed our minds. But it was worth it! Light streamed in through the trees and illuminated the couple from behind. I wasn't sure we could get more romantic than in the greenhouse. I sure was wrong. 😍 I mean, how gorgeous is this photo below?

Alight, a little behind the scenes information because sometimes real life comes into play. 😉 After taking these breathtaking photos, Hannah's dress was filled with grasshoppers. You read read that right. Grasshoppers! They apparently loved the endless layers of tulle in Hannah's dress. We might have spent the next ten minutes peeling back layer after layer knocking grasshoppers out one by one. Hannah, you were seriously a trooper.

Let's Get Married

Big shout out to the amazing florist, Rebecca, who created this wedding arbor! This is such a central component to a wedding day. Readers, I would love to know, what did your wedding arbor look like for your wedding? If you're not married yet, do you have a dream wedding arbor in mind? Feel free to share in the comments below. But seriously, if your vision is one coated in florals, Rebecca can make your dreams come to life. ❤️ One more tip for all those brides and grooms, as you're walking back down the aisle, raise that bouquet in the air and stop for a signature kiss. Hannah and Austin, you two nailed it! I think I'm going to pretend these are my ceremony wedding photos. They are just too good!!! 😍

Pop the Champagne, Hannah and Austin are married!

What comes after the ceremony? The celebration!!!! Something I did not do at my own wedding, but would highly recommend is the champagne pop. Not only is this super fun, but can be exciting for the guests as well. You just never know what's going to happen. Hannah and Austin's champagne bottle had a life of its own. The struggle to open it was real. 😂 It took a good couple minutes. Once opened, it seemed as if nothing was going to happen. Slightly anticlimactic. Until Austin moved the bottle slightly. Suddenly, champagne exploded into the air. #nailedit.

From here, you might remember how I mentioned the amazing part of seeing each other before the ceremony. You get the opportunity to take photos as bride and groom and then as husband and wife. Hannah and Austin started their portraits as husband and wife right at golden hour. A special event was planned where their wedding arbor would be transformed. To a flower bed! They seriously got to end their wedding day laying in a pile of flowers. How amazing is that?!! Shout out to the puppy who joined in on a couple pictures. P.S. This was not their puppy. 😂 This little guy just wanted to join in on the celebration and he certainly fit right in. I'm thinking about having a signature puppy for all future weddings. What do you guys think?


Big thank you to all these amazing vendors who helped make this event a reality. You all are incredible!

Charcuterie: @lavishgrazing_sgf

Rentals/tableware: @somethingborrowed417

Party favors/soaps: @terreboyer

Cake/Macarons: @cfcakedesign & European Cafe

Invitations: @maximcreativeinvites


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