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Hannah and Keith's Engagement Session at Crystal Bridges

A Winter Stroll in the Park

This is my second visit to Crystal Bridges in December. I just can't stay away now. It is an incredibly beautiful place 😍. The days prior to the engagement session were some of the coldest of December in my life time. Temperatures below 0. But we lucked out! On the day of their session, it was sunny and in the 40s. Still cold for a session, but I'll take it 🙌. Remaining snow patches on the ground were a gentle reminder of those frigid days we just had. I learned two major lessons during their session 😉:

1) Crystal Bridges is not open on Tuesdays. 🤣 You can walk the grounds, but the museum and parking lot are off limits. I didn't know places closed on Tuesdays, but now I know!

2) I chatted about how I don't like blurry images. 😂 This is true! I'm not a huge fan...but what I didn't realize is that I am kind of loving when there is nature in the foreground and the couple is out of focus in the background. It's so subtle, you might not even realize that Hannah and Keith were in the image, but it turned out kind of magical!!! Click here to see the image ❤️ Hannah, I think that was a little karma coming back at me 😂😂😂.

Hannah + Keith


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