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Morgin and Tom's Wedding at Stonegate Glass Chapel

“I'm so in love, let's run away because us is enough”

When dawn arrived on November 5th, the skies were gray. Heavy rain rolled in the night before bringing lower temperatures. As afternoon approached, the sun began to break through the clouds until the sun shone brightly. A perfect chilly fall day. Alex and I arrived at the venue around noon. Two staff members were in the reception hall. Allie, one of the staff members, was super excited because she got to break open brand new sparkly silver plate chargers for Morgin and Tom’s disco themed wedding. While I had spoken to Morgin before the wedding about her reception decor, Allie excitedly told me about the ferns that were going to be added to the middle of the table on top of high centerpieces. Morgin’s mom spent the last year growing ferns specially for the wedding. We all had a feeling this was going to be a special day.

Morgin arrived shortly after Alex and I finished taking some photos of the property. Her hair was pinned up in curls. Makeup done. Wrapped in a silk robe lined in fur. She looked as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe! I felt under dressed and she wasn’t even in her wedding gown yet 😂. Normally I don’t get to the wedding venue before the bride, but I’m glad I was there to capture this moment of her arrival! Morgin’s getting ready time before the ceremony was the best. She had several co-workers from Houston here to help her on her big day. Sandra, Laura, and Bailie from her salon back in Houston were a DREAM!!! They made sure Morgin looked amazing for her big day. All three of them working as a unit moving pieces of hair into the perfect positions and curling other pieces at the same time. When it was time for Morgin to get into her dress, we tracked down her mom. Her mom put on her gown. A velvet green dress. Morgin immediately got to work on her mom’s hair. Once her mom was perfect, she got into her gown. Once she was ready, I went to get Tom for their first look.

The first look took place right inside the chapel doors. Tom faced the altar as Morgin walked up behind him. She tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. Seeing his bride for the first time, his face broke out into amazement. He was speechless. As he took her in for the first time, he told her how amazing she looked. For the next couple minutes, they enjoyed this first moment together. Afterwards, we took portraits of them and then with their family. We were right on time for they most important part of the day ❤️. The Ceremony.

It was time for the ceremony. Guests filled the chapel. Pews were decorated in tulle, babies breath, ribbon, and greenery. Everything looked picture perfect. The processional began. The ring bearer and flower girl stole the show. The flower girl was not throwing petals and the ring bearer stopped her to vehemently explain that she was supposed to throw them. Then he proceeded to start pulling her down the aisle 😂. As she reached the end the flower girl managed to pick up some of the petals and put them back in her basket. Tom retold this story to Morgin right after the ceremony since she wasn’t able to witness the moment. Once they were down the aisle, the music changed and I flipped my camera to capture Tom’s reaction as the chapel doors opened. Morgin walked down the aisle with her dad who gave her away to Tom at the altar. They said their vows, exchanged rings, participated in a unity candle ceremony, and sealed their marriage with a kiss. Next came the fun part. Morgin and Tom planned to have a bubble exit out the chapel (not only were they doing a bubble exit now, they were going to do a second one at the very end of the night. SO FUN!!! All the guests lined up and started blowing bubbles. Morgin and Tom started their walk down the middle surrounded by pure joy and love from their friends and family. Seriously one of my favorite pictures from the day!!!

After the ceremony, Morgin planned to change up her look. Sandra, Laura, Bailie, and Morgin’s mom were ready. Tom sat in the bridal suite patiently waiting as the group got busy bustling Morgin’s dress. This was a challenging dress to bustle as many of the loops had to be layered just right. Once the dress was bustled, Morgin’s mom left Morgin with her stylist team 😍. They immediately went to work putting pearls in Morgin’s hair which had been carefully pulled back into an elegant ponytail. As Morgin got ready, Alex and I snuck to the reception hall to steal some special items for some photo opportunities before the reception. We grabbed two cocktail glasses with wedding cake flavored cotton candy, sparkling grape juice, a silver rock candy stick, and a heart cookie with the words “Morgin and Tom” written in icing. We brought it back down to the bridal suite until Morgin was ready to depart. As the final pearl was placed in Morgin's hair, she was ready. I took a photo of her and her coworkers! They were the best team a bride could ask for!!! I wished they could be at all my weddings ❤️❤️❤️. We made our ascent up the hill to the reception hall. I stopped them to take a few portraits with their cocktail glasses and cookies right as we reached the top. 😁 Alex informed me later that those cookies were delicious and I’m sad I didn’t get to try one!!

The reception began with a grand entrance. Morgin and Tom were announced and guests clapped and cheered as they entered. They walked straight onto the dance floor and “I guess I’m in Love” by Clinton Kane began to play. After their first dance, Morgin shared a special dance with her dad. Followed by Tom having a dance with his mom. Something we did a bit out of order was go straight to the cake cutting. Normally this is done after dinner, but we made some slight adjustments due to some things going on behind the scenes. Morgin and Tom were troopers! 🙌 But I tell you what, I’ve never seen guests so excited to hear the cake cutting was next 😂. Maybe this should be something that happens at all weddings. Guests hopped out of the chairs and surrounded the cake table. Morgin and Tom scooted in behind the cake and attempted to cut a slice. Since I was photographing, I didn’t notice the initial struggle they were having until they began to ask for assistance. While they managed to cut a piece out, it wasn’t until after the moment was done did I figure out why it was a struggle. 😂. The cake was a brownie. Like the whole cake was made out of brownie and it was super dense. 🤣🤣🤣 The whole top of the cake almost came off as they tried to pull the knife out with their first cut. What a wedding day memory that they will have! I tell you what through, that cake was stunning!!! (even if it was almost impossible to cut). Guests enjoyed dinner after the cake cutting. Morgin and Tom escaped the craziness to grab gifts that they had prepared for the kids at the wedding. When they returned, I snuck them outside the venue gates to do some final portraits before the light was gone. I am SO GLAD we did this because the most beautiful cotton candy sky appeared. I mean the sky flamed pink and it was GORGEOUS!!!

Back in the reception hall, the DJ kicked off the dancing. The lights dimmed. Colored disco lights flashed across the dance floor. The volume on the music cranked up. Morgin and Tom drifted on and off the dance floor, but a group of cousins stayed almost until the end. Around 7 p.m. I asked Morgin when if she wanted to change into her second outfit before the sparkler exit. Originally she said no 😂, but then a few minutes later she tracked me down to tell me she had changed her mind. She, and Tom, left the reception hall and headed to change. When she returned, she had a short white dress on and a black fur coat. The DJ made the announcement for guests to head outside for the bubble send off. For this bubble exit, guests brought out the bubble guns. They were having so much fun with them we were worried the bubbles would run out before Morgin and Tom made it down the center. But luckily, they didn't!!! Morgin and Tom did two run throughs as their closest friends and family cheered. A perfect end to a perfect day! Morgin and Tom, I wish you both the best!! I hope you had a blast in Chicago 😍 Even if it was a little cold 😉😉😉.

Morgin + Tom

Dream Team:

Makeup: Morgin (the Bride ❤️)

Officiant: Rex Forsyth


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