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Huxley's 2nd Birthday in Downtown Springfield, MO

A 2nd Birthday Shoot on the Square and Jordan Valley Park

If you look through these pictures next year, you'll find it hard to believe they were taken in December. Sun shining. Temperatures in the 70s. Golden leaves falling from the trees. Sounds like a perfect day in October...but, nope!!! It's DECEMBER. 😄 Perfect weather during my favorite month of the year...I'll take it! Huxley is turning 2 years old. Not only that, in just under two months, he is going to be a big brother. Jessica, Huxley's mom, warned me prior to the session that Huxley was going to be on the move. The minute he got out of the car...he was full on running. Chris, Huxley's dad, probably ended up running at least a mile by the end of the session 😂. I even did some sprints myself.

Huxley has the makings of a future athlete. What do you think Jessica and Chris? Future Packers player??? 😁 I actually have no idea which sport he will end up in, but he has the potential for some talent. His ability to run, jump from heights, and climb....WOW. There are some photographs where you can feel the energy. Looking through Huxley's pictures, you can see the movement AND feel the energy...making this one of my favorite sessions of this family to date. You would never know we had a maximum of 3 seconds for a picture. Huxley at one point even sat down on a bench to pose, two seconds later, jumped up saying "done!" and headed off into a different direction. 😂 Oh Huxley, you had me in fits of giggles. We did have some reinforcement in the form of Jelly Beans to be used on some occasions. And let me tell you, Huxley was very into them. 😁


Happy 2nd Birthday!

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