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Jennifer and Austin's Engagement Photos at the Japanese Stroll Gardens

"In my dreams, you're the Dutch and I'm the Dutchess"

Kat Dahlia

The sun was shining bright and warm. It was wedding week for Austin and Jennifer. These two had planned their entire wedding on a time line that seemed impossible! Everything came together at the last minute. As if fate was intervening. In the month before their wedding. They lost their original photographer. Got officially engaged (Jennifer's custom ordered engagement ring was backordered and delayed multiple times). Ordered a wedding cake. Found a florist. And Participated in their engagement photos.

Austin proposed to Jennifer at Top of the Rock right as the sun was setting. When I heard this story, I was dying to do their photos there. Austin and I even talked about it! But due to some situations out of our control, we planned for the Japanese Stroll Gardens. I know Top of the Rock is beautiful...but I think fate wanted us at the gardens.

I was in awe. Prior to the couple arriving. I did at least two laps around the garden. The ponds were shining green and blue. The light was peeking through the trees casting an orange glow. Water was trickling down the fountains and waterfalls. Hardly any other person was there. When Austin and Jennifer arrived, they looked amazing! Their outfits were so perfect you would have thought I told them exactly what to wear for a styled shoot. I loved it!

We walked though the main gates. It took a second to get oriented, but I navigated them to their first spot. A small bridge that ran across the pond. From there, we found even more beautiful bridges and water falls. As our time ran out in the park, they finished by skipping stones. Jennifer explained how she had never heard of skipping stones until she met Austin. He showed her how on a previous date in this very garden. If I'm correct, in the same spot the photo below was taken. Correct me if I'm wrong you two! 😊

My favorite memory from this shoot was how much appreciation and awe Jennifer had for the gardens. She was mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and always stopped for a photo opportunity. This love of the gardens translated beautifully to their actual wedding. While I'm writing this after their wedding day. I had some epiphanies about this realization that I'll touch more on in their wedding blog. 😉

Austin and Jennifer, you two are perfect for each other. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

P.S. Let's set a date to do photos with Yeti and Loki. 🤩 Your puppies need to be put in the spotlight and I'm dying to meet them.

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