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Kenzie and Greyson's Engagement Session in South Springfield

A Romantic Summer Engagement Session

Skies were clear. The sun was shining hot across the Ozark's. Kenzie and I chatted about her engagement session at a Stonegate open house in the Spring. She had a friend that had her engagement session done in a field hidden from view, right off of south 65. Looking at her inspirational photos, I knew that she was going to love golden hour. I crossed my fingers that the weather would gift us a beautiful sunset on the day of. I arrived at the location and I knew that it was too bright for what Kenzie was wanting, but I could see the potential. It would take another hour and a half to get the sun in just the right spot. When Kenzie and Greyson arrived, I made a proposal. I shot them the idea of going to another location for a bit and then coming back for Golden Hour. They agreed, and we headed to Springfield Lake to kill some time. 😁

I haven't been back to Springfield Lake since the fall, but it is beautiful in the summer! The boathouse came into view. A lake with lily pads to the front and a field with a million wildflowers behind. Kenzie had her mom come along for the experience to help with their puppy Bella. Such a good idea! For all my couples, consider bringing along someone you trust to help with your fur babies. It makes all the difference. ❤️ We put Bella on a leash and started our walk to find the first spot for photos. It wasn’t 5 minutes into the walk when I heard panic come from Kenzie’s mom. Bella had been walking in the grass when she got stung by a bee. Poor Bella was holding up her paw and licking it like crazy. She could barely put any pressure on it. Kenzie’s mom jumped into action and took her back to the car to help her cool down.

We were all worried about poor Bella! But we managed to find the perfect spot in front of some wildflowers. The light was gorgeous and the result was pure romance!!! Deciding to see if Bella was better, we brought her in for some photos. She was doing well, but poor thing had her paw up in almost all the photos! Handing Bella back to Kenzie’s mom, we headed for the water. Prior to finishing up at Springfield Lake, I knew Kenzie had a dream photo in mind (see first photo of the blog 🤩). She wanted a picture of the two of them laying on their backs from above. I literally think this is one of my favorite images from the whole shoot. 😍 Holy cow it turned out so good!!!

I love getting to know my couples throughout their session. It gives me a glimpse into who they are and what makes them unique. Kenzie is graduating from MSU next year. She has been doing track, but unfortunately had an injury that affected her ability to participate this year. Kenzie, I hope your last year goes well since I won’t see you until the wedding 😍. After graduation, they are planning to move to Florida to start her business in the interior design/home decor field. Greyson also has an entrepreneurial heart! He has his own Youtube channel and had just recently got his real estate license and is diving into that world. I am so inspired by you two!!! If my husband Alex had been at your session we probably would have still been at Springfield Lake. 😂 He would have been so excited he would chat with you both forever.

It was finally time to head to the field. When we arrived, another photographer was already there and the light was PERFECT. Within 15 minutes. The area flamed orange and gold. We flew through all of Kenzie’s dream poses and my photographer heart was in heaven. I literally have no words for some of these, they were just so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️. As blue hour arrived, I knew we had a little light left to do portraits at the pond. The moon was high in the sky. As I climbed rocks to head to one side of the pond, Kenzie and Greyson headed to the opposite side. Their silhouettes reflected in the water with the moon peeking over the treetops. It didn’t even feel like real life. I would shoot this session a million times over!!!

Kenzie and Greyson, I had the best time with the both of you!!!! I can’t wait until next June!!

P.S. We are going to need a bubble machine at your wedding 😁


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