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Katelyn and Cody's Engagement Session at Nathanael Greene Park

A Spring Engagement Session

Turning into Nathanael Greene, I followed a vehicle all the way to the Japanese Stroll Garden parking lot. I had a strong suspicion that I ended up right behind Katelyn and Cody. We parked. Got out of our cars. My suspicions were confirmed. How amazing was that for timing!!! I had met Katelyn before at a Metropolitan Weddings Show, but this was my first time meeting Cody. They explained that they were the first in their families to have an engagement session. Which got me thinking! The evolution of wedding photography has been changing rapidly over the decades as advancements in technology increase. My parents certainly didn't have engagement photos and neither did my husbands. Brides and grooms, are you the first in your families to participate in engagement sessions? Share your stories in the comments below!

The gardens at Nathanael Greene have been rapidly changing. The emergence of Spring has passed and the trees have turned a bright shade of green. Summer flowers have been planted. The smell of freshly cut grass hung in the air. The warmth of the sun shining on our skin. Katelyn wore a navy blue chiffon dress. Cody in a light pink shirt and khaki pants. This is one of my favorite color combinations to photograph because they compliment each other beautifully. I knew it would be perfect for the ambiance of the evening.

We started our walk around the park. I desperately wanted to photograph around these beautiful purple flowers (especially when I learned that their wedding colors are most likely going to be light pink and purple), but I was failing at avoiding getting cars in the background. 😂 Sometimes we have to abandon a location, despite our best efforts. It was in this spot that I learned Cody knew all sorts about laws. I may have left slightly paranoid about all the laws I wasn't aware of. 🤣

Since the evening was so beautiful. I knew it would be full of all kinds of people. Our next spot was the rose garden. On our way, a young girl spotted Katelyn and Cody getting their pictures taken. She must have had some sort of exposure with weddings because she excitedly asked if they were engaged and offered her congratulations! A kind older couple passed by and offered similar sentiments. Because I won't get see Katelyn and Cody for almost a year, I tried to ask as many questions as I could about their wedding! Katelyn is a rockstar and essentially has all of her major vendors chosen. I wish I could fast forward to next May. I just know this wedding is going to be special!

Before concluding our shoot around the Gazebo and Gardens, we took some photos by the water. I realized at this point I had not had them try lifting and dipping shots. The second I gave the prompt Cody whipped his head in my direction with a look of incredulity. Poor Cody hadn't eaten before the session so I felt his pain. 😂 Grooms, there might be some working out involved in these sessions. Be prepared.

We ended the night and said our good byes. Until next May you two!! I can't wait ❤️

Katelyn + Cody

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