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Mikily's Maternity Session

A Night With Storms, A Night With Sun

Sometimes I lean on the side of caution when it comes to weather. I peeked at the forecast the day of Mikily's maternity session. There were storms predicted, but not until late in the evening. I've re-scheduled sessions in the past when there seemed to be a sure chance of rain, but sometimes it ends up being the most perfect sunset and I regret it! The risks of living in the midwest 😂. I decided to risk it for Mikily's session. Mikily shared inspiration photos. They were absolutely adorable and I was so excited to make them happen! Her main inspiration included water photos. I thought Busiek was the perfect choice. It wasn't long before we realized we were on the struggle bus. 🤣 The creek was so low there was hardly any water. The sun quickly disappeared as the skies turned dark. The humidity was so high we were all drenched in sweat. Part way through, I switched gears in my head and proposed we head to The Branson Cross to finish the night. On our way, the sky looked wicked. Let me tell you though, it made for an epic background for portraits!!! I called that our win for the night 🙌. As lighting flared across the horizon, we decided it was time to head home. The adventure continued as we ended up driving through one of the worst storms we have had for a while. The next day, I realized we did not mange to achieve any of Mikily's inspiration photos due to environmental conditions...and despite extreme efforts.🤣 I proposed we meet at Jordan Valley that night for a beautiful golden hour. I am so glad we did!!! We nailed every picture and more. 😍 Mikily and Brenden, I'm so glad you were up for round two!!! It was worth it!! ❤️

Baby Cinderynn

Coming September 2023

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