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Scarlett's Maternity and Newborn Puppy Photos

Any dog lovers out there? My heart just about melted at the opportunity to take dog maternity and newborn puppy photos; however, If you've been in the mid-west lately, you'll know that we have had some crazy winter weather. A little over a week before these puppies were born, our temperatures were in the negatives. The negatives!!! In Springfield, MO that is a rarity. As the winter weather moved out, we had a jump in temperature that reached into the 70s! That day, Nicole and I grabbed Scarlett to take her out for her official maternity photos. Nicole (Scarlett's dog mom) and I joked that these extreme weather spikes could trigger an early labor....and what do you know? The very next day she had her puppies!!! I waited in anticipation the whole day to make sure momma and her puppies made it through safe and sound.

Let's rewind to the day before the puppies and just talk about how much of a trooper this momma is!!! Nicole came with treats and Miss Scarlett was highly motivated to obtain them. Scroll down to see that photo where her head was thrown back in a howl. There might have been a treat right out of view 😂 Scarlett wanted it very badly and we were not delivering fast enough lol My husband even hopped in to assist with this shoot. I can say all three of us (Nicole, my husband, and I) were in fits of giggles by the end. Scarlett was a tricky one to get to stop and freeze. We did about thirty circles as well as laps back into the field to attempt picture after picture. Scarlett was the only one unfazed by the situation, as long as treats were involved of course 😉 Motion shots for the win!

It's time to enter some newborn puppy love!!!! What's also not to love when all these puppies were named after Disney characters?!! Scarlett's four girls are Ariel, Wendy, Tiana, and Megara. The four boys are Hercules, Peter, Eric, Scar. As a challenge, see if you can figure which ones are which based on their coloring and markings. 😉 Some serious honesty here, this is my first time photographing one week old puppies. I knew there might be some challenges, but if I was in a fit of giggles from Scarlett, my cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing with the puppies. As I was telling the story of photographing these puppies to a co-worker, she gave me the best description for this event. A "snuggle puddle" 😂 So behold the first photo in the sequence, a "snuggle puddle." The minute you set a puppy down, it instantly snuggles into the closest thing it can find. Whether that's a pillow, hand, brother, or sister. You can imagine that these "snuggle puddles" might have made photographing their adorable faces quite the challenge. But with a little luck and some thoughtful placing, I think we nailed it 😃

“It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” – John Grogan (Author, Marley & Me)

If you or somebody you know wants to be a furever home for one of these precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, check out Scarlett's Cavaliers to stay up to date on all the information regarding her puppies! 💗

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I'm in love! 👏😊😍😁 thank you sooo much Christina and Alex! I need to start a photo album ASAP.

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