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The Bass Family at Nathanael Greene

It was the day after Halloween in Nathanael Greene Park. The sun was high and bright in the sky but the air was crisp and cool. The temperature slowly dropped ten degrees throughout the session. When Deonna asked if I could take pictures of her family, fall foliage was in her mind. If you want to see the most gorgeous trees, skip all the way to the end friends! We hit the peak of fall where the trees were flaming orange, red and yellow. I dream of a background like that in my own pictures. Deonna explained that she hadn’t had family pictures done since her daughter Ricki’s wedding. To all my readers out there, I know I can relate to this. It seems like a big event happens and before you know it...flash...a whole year has gone by!! Or years!

Deonna and her husband Mark have two beautiful children. Donnie and Ricki. Ricki and her husband Tim have three awesome kids. Talon, Tyron, and Tenley. Try saying that ten times fast! Tim, Talon, Tyron, Tenley. My personal mission was to try to nail those names by the end of the session 😉 Spoiler alert...Mission accomplished.

If you haven't been to Nathanael Greene’s huge. You could have ten photo sessions there and not one of them would be the same. The park has hundreds of little gardens that weave in and out of trails. We started out near the Hosta Gardens. If you ever get to have photos with me, one of my favorite cues for families is to “look at each other.” Seriously, it’s the best 😉 It immediately incites mouthfuls of giggles and genuine smiles. While it can feel socially awkward, the end result is 100% worth it.

I had to include a full portrait of Donnie in his cowboy hat. Donnie tried his absolute hardest to sneak that hat into every photo. At the last second, someone would catch him :D I even caught a photo of Tyron throwing the hat as he snuck it from Donnie right before a group shot. The Bass Family, see if you can find the photo I’m talking about in your full gallery!!! It’s one of my favorites.

Let’s shine the spotlight on these three kiddos for a second. Talon, Tyron, and Tenley. You three are awesome!!! Each of you have such unique personalities that shine in different ways. Talon, that photo of you and your grandfather made me tear up! I can see how much love and care this family has for each other. Tyron, I have been craving Cracker Barrel since our session. 😂 Tenley, thanks for helping me take a few test shots next to the most beautiful orange and yellow tree in all of the park!

There were two members of the family that did not make an appearance at our shoot :) Two little Frenchies. They just happen to be sisters as well! One belongs to Deonna and the other to Ricki. Deonna and Ricki, we have to make a Frenchie photoshoot happen. That would just make my day!!!

To the Bass Family, thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to capture memories of your family. I had a wonderful time and it was so nice to get to know you all. Happy Holidays!

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