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Chris and Emily's Wedding at Stonegate Glass Chapel

"I feel like growing old with you"

Emily and Chris got married at Stonegate Glass Chapel on a beautiful sunny summer day. The weather could not have been more perfect. I mean, just look at the first photo in this gallery 😍. The night ended with the horizon flaring pink. It was absolutely stunning. Emily was the calmest bride. Walking into her getting ready room, I felt such a sense of peace and contentment. A perfect way to start her big day. Before getting her makeup done, she was presented with a gift. A book of notes written by loved ones that she got to read before her ceremony. Such a special moment! For the ones there for her on her big day, Emily had custom hangers made. Each hanger had the name of the individual it belonged to. I thought this was the cutest touch! Once Emily had her makeup ready and dress on, we headed to her first look with her dad and her soon to be husband, Chris.

One of my favorite moments from their first look and into portraits were the flowers girls. They wanted in on the action and would press themselves against the glass to get a closer look. Each time Emily would turn, they would scream and run away 😂. After multiple attempts, they eventually gave up and headed bak to the bridal suite. We started portraits in the chapel making our way outside and up the hill. Once at the top, we moved into wedding party pictures.

Their ceremony was intimate and sweet. After exchanging rings, Chris and Emily participated in a sand ceremony. They chose to pour sand into a keepsake hourglass. What a clever idea!!! This is something that they will treasure throughout their marriage, but also can be used in a unique way. Sand timers can be a symbol for rebirth and new beginnings when turned over. It's a unique way to look at life. We all go through seasons and new chapters. This sand timer will always be a memory of the start of their new chapter of marriage, but also a reminder that life changes. ❤️ So beautiful!

Emily had special touches throughout her reception space. Her students in her class helped to create hearts that would decorate each table. Each student wrote on a heart what love meant to them. While this blog post doesn't have a picture of each and every one, they all made me smile!! This will be such a sweet memory to look back on throughout the years. Their reception had very similar vibes to their ceremony. It kind of reminded me of my own wedding. Alex and I wanted to take the time to interact and just enjoy time with guests and that's just how Chris and Emily were. They had their first dance, cake cutting, father daughter dance, mother son dance, and a couples dance. We snuck outside for sunset photos and then came back inside for speeches. The remainder of the time was spent greeting and chatting. The flower girls stole the show at the reception. They quickly learned that they could request songs if they went to the DJ...and that's just what happened. 😂 One song request brought me back to the days I worked in preschool. If you haven't heard the gummy bear song....go check it out. This is a song you have to hear to really experience the effect. Overall, we had the best time! Chris and Emily, I wish you both the best!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage.

Emily + Chris

Dream Team

Flowers: Linda's Flowers

Make-Up: Maci Dennison

Hair: Stephanie Hutchison


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