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Isabella and Torey at Lake Springfield Park and Boathouse

A Rainy Lakeside Session

Rain or shine, Isabella and Torey were driving in for their session from Warsaw to meet at Springfield Lake and Boathouse. These two have never had formal pictures done and I was excited to meet with them! As the day progressed, storm clouds moved in. Rain started to pour. Temperatures dropped slightly. By 5 p.m., the rain reduced to mere sprinkles. Perfect timing for our session. Starting at the hilltop pavilion, I got to learn about their two dogs and their recent trip to Alaska. A place that is definitely on my bucket list. 😉

Moving to the boathouse, ducks swam in and out from behind them in the pond. The skies were a mix of storm clouds, rain, and at one point...some sunshine!!! If that isn't a description of Missouri weather, I don't know what is. Isabella and Torey had a fun addition to their session. They added in some pumpkin Macarons. You can't have an October 1st session without adding a touch of pumpkin. 😁 Isabella gently took a bite while Torey popped the whole Macaron into his mouth. 😂 Luckily they both gave them a thumbs up in taste. Isabella said they tasted like "pumpkin pie." I might even consider making them for Thanksgiving this year! As the skies got darker, we headed out of the park. Herds of deer lined either side of the road. Isabella and Torey, thank you so much for a fun experience!!!! Hopefully we will have many more in the future.

Isabella + Torey



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