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Travis and Jamie's Engagement Photos at Lake Lotawana

A Marina Themed Engagement Session

Skies turned grey. Clouds rolled in. Wind whipped across the lake. Small white caps formed across the waves. What was a bright and sunny day turned blustery in a matter of minutes. I was ecstatic! These overcast skies and winds were going to allow for some photo opportunities that we otherwise would not have gotten. The wind might also elicit some smiles and giggles as I knew the hair would be going everywhere. Mine included. 😂

Travis and Jamie got engaged at a marina on Lake Lotawana. This spot held precious memories. The minute they arrived, we headed to the docks. Waves caused them to rock. Imagine you just stepped onto a boat. Or if you've never been on a boat, imagine you've stepped onto a balance board. Trying to keep steady while the ground moves beneath you. I can honesty say I've never taken photos with this added challenge, but looking at the photos you would never know!!!! The docks seem completely fixed into the ground. Jamie and Travis, I think we nailed it!

Our time together was short, so we brainstormed where to go after we finished with the Marina. Taking out our phones. We scoured the maps for nearby parks. Each one was 20 minutes away. Not the most ideal. Scanning the area, I eyed a spot right off the road. We hopped across the street. Rolling hills layered across the horizon. Giving the impression that we had hiked up a trail to its peek. It reminded me so much of the hills in Branson which Jamie and Travis will soon say their marriage vows. While this spot wasn't initially planned, I think it was all along. Just a sneak peek of an amazing day to come! Travis and Jamie, I can't wait for your wedding day!!!

Lake Lotawana


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