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Jasmine and Brian's Wedding at Stonegate Glass Chapel

"I know now I found the one I love"

It was a warm August day. The sun was shining. Jasmine and Brian planed to have an intimate wedding at Stonegate Glass Chapel near Branson, Missouri. When I arrived, Jasmine was in her getting ready room with her mom and closest family members. She was about to get into her dress. Her bouquet had just arrived. She was all smiles. I had no idea that earlier in the day there had been some crisis with the hair. Apparently, the hair stylist had gotten extremely ill and was not able to come. But her mom said everything worked out and they made it happen! If they hadn't told me, I would have never known! I popped out of the room while Jasmine got into her gown. Coming back in, I was blown away! She was wearing a dress that was fit for a royal wedding. So gorgeous! I took a few photos as she slipped on her shoes, attempted to put on the garter (it was a little big LOL), and while her mom gently put the veils into her hair. Jasmine had two veils. One veil was long and lined with beautiful lace. The second veil was a blusher that would drape over her face as she walked down the aisle with her dad. The blusher is very traditional and one that I don't get to see very often these days. I absolutely loved it! It was meant for Jasmine. Jasmine requested one final photo. She pulled out something from her dress pocket. A pin with scraps of fabric. Younger cousins were not able to make the ceremony so she had pieces of fabric special to them to carry with her on her big day ❤️.

Brian's mom requested a few photos as she put on his boutonniere. I left Jasmine to head to the groom's getting ready room. Brian's mom, Mary, grabed Brian and we took a few photos as she adjusted his boutonniere. When she finished, I said "let's snap a traditional photo looking at the camera." She looked at me and said, “this is my only son.” Tears welled In her eyes as she gave him a hug. I could tell this was an emotional moment and it warms my heart. It was now time for the ceremony.

The processional began. Looking out of the glass at the back of the chapel towards the bride's getting ready suite, I saw Jasmine and her dad emerge from the room and start heading to the chapel. Brian caught a sneak peek and quickly turned his head to wait until the chapel doors opened. Caleb (the DJ), who was waiting to start the bridal processional music, peeked out the glass and the music changed. A very familiar song started. It's not what you would expect, but it made me so happy. It was the Jurassic Park theme song. The doors opened and Jasmine started to walk down the aisle. The music made everyone smile. At the altar, Jasmine's dad lifted the blusher to reveal her face. Her dad gave Brian a big hug and Brian took Jasmine's hand. They walked up the steps to begin the ceremony. Jasmine and Brian participated in a hand washing ceremony. The hand-washing ceremony represents the transition to a married couple. It is a way to cleanse anything in the past and start fresh in the future. It is to recognize what they have gone through and from this day forward begin their lives together. The exchange of rings followed the hand washing ceremony and ended with an epic dipping kiss. Jasmine and Brian later told me that they practiced it at home. They nailed it in their ceremony! They were all smiles as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife.

After the ceremony we quickly did family photos and portraits of them as husband and wife. You two were troopers!!! We took so many photos ❤️. I love them all!!! As we made our way up to the reception hall, Jasmine and Brian waited outside the reception doors in order to be formally announced. As they were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Moran, cheers were heard all around and Jasmine threw her bouquet up into the air in celebration. They entered the dance Floor and the song “I guess I'm in Love” by Clinton Kane started to play. After their first dance, I took this time to grab the rings. I love doing ring shots and I'm so glad I made this happen! Back in the reception space, Chick-fil-A had been delivered! They sat down at the head table as they were presented with their first meal and their signature drinks. “The Sammy” for Brian (Jack + Coke) and “The Lily” for Jasmine (peach schnapps + lemonade). These were the last photos I took of them as I wished them my congratulations as they began their journey as husband and wife! CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine and Brian 😍. Your wedding was stunning!

Jasmine + Brian

Catering: Chick-Fil-A

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