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Jennifer and Austin's Wedding at the Savoy Ballroom

"I think I'm in Love"

The sun was shining bright. Skies were blue. Walking into the Savoy Ballroom, you would think a whole team of florists had been hired to decorate the space. Jennifer, the bride, was hard at work decorating. Arranging center pieces. Un-packaging last minute details. Straitening table cloths. My first thought was: Jennifer would make an amazing florist and she should seriously own her own business! Austin even reported that the day before their wedding she was out buying flowers. If you read the details from their engagement session, Jennifer had a love and passion for all the flowers we encountered in the gardens. I didn't make the connection at the time of their engagement session, but once I saw her in action on her wedding day I seriously think she could do it as a career. Jennifer took me around the room showing me all the details. The guest book. The wedding cake. Here's the secret about the was made by Walmart bakery and decorated by Jennifer. What?!!!! This cake seriously looked like it was made by a professional baker. Jennifer and Austin, you two are genius!

Across the street, two lofts were reserved for the bride's and groom's getting ready locations. If you're getting married at the Savoy, do not miss the chance to check these out. The bridal loft had an upstairs with a fully functioning kitchen. Jennifer had arranged her bridesmaid's and mother's gifts carefully across the counters. The main level housed two bedrooms and a bathroom. Bridesmaids were busy doing their makeup and makeup done. Maria, one of the bridesmaids, had flown in from Miami to provide the makeup services. Stationed near the window, she transformed all the women of the bridal party. Jennifer made sure to show me her getting ready robes and slippers before heading off to start her own makeup. As Maria did her makeup, I snuck off back to the Savoy with her gown.

The groom's suite was smaller, but equally fun. The main living space had a split level that led up to a work loft equipped with a desk and down to a lounging area with couches and a t.v. Double doors led outside to a deck. Austin promptly got ready and I helped with the bowtie. The tie might have been too tight. I'm so sorry Austin! Keyes tried to find the extender, but we were struggling. 😂 Keyes, you'll have to let me know if you ever found it later that day? Deciding to take Austin and Keyes on an adventure, we wandered out of the loft and around the back of the building. Old wooden pallets were leaning against the wall. Wires from various electrical boxes weaved and swayed up and around the deck to the groom's loft. Train tracks were a mere 50 ft away. A cop did drive by. Crossing our fingers we weren't breaking any rules, he drove in the opposite direction leaving us in the clear. High risk, high reward. 😉 Seriously some of my favorite groom's photos to date!


Back in the bridal suite, Jennifer was finishing her hair. Here's where it got crazy. Austin and Jennifer were scheduled for their first look at 4:00 p.m.. By this point we were nearing 5:30 p.m. and their ceremony was at 6:30 p.m. The hustle began. As Jennifer finished her hair, her mother presented her flowers from her father who could not be there for her wedding day. Once her hair was done, all the brides maids came together to get a photo with the bride in their getting ready robes. Jennifer then hopped into her wedding gown. Put on her shoes. Slipped her veil into her hair and headed out the door to her first look. All of this happened with just 10 minutes to spare before the ceremony!!! We did it!


The ceremony began, Jennifer walked down the aisle alongside her mother. Once at the altar, Jennifer and Austin stood facing each other. I reminisced about my own wedding where my husband and I forgot to hold hands. 😂 Luckily, Austin and Jennifer were prompted during their actual ceremony to link hands while my husband and I giggled and never found the right moment to correct our initial decision. Vows were shared. Austin's in English. Jennifer's in Spanish. Two ceremonies were performed. A sand ceremony. A coin ceremony. Jennifer and Austin poured white and cream colored sand in a jar simultaneously representing their union together. During the coin ceremony, Austin and Jennifer took turns dropping coins into each other hands to represent a promise of prosperity and protection of wealth throughout their marriage. As the ceremony concluded, they shared a kiss. Joy spread across their faces. Austin and Jennifer broke into a smile as they turned to face their friends and family. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Adams! You are officially husband and wife!


Before starting the party, Austin and Jennifer shared in their joy with their friends and family with a receiving line. The sun had almost set. We snuck into C-Street for their final photos. The sun disappeared and the reception began! Warm light from the chandeliers illuminated the space. Bambino's pasta was catered in for dinner. Gradually, lights dimmed through the space. Dinner concluded. Toasts began. During the mother of the groom speech, Austin's mother jokingly, but seriously reported that her and Jennifer would have to share Austin. Jennifer gave her the side eye in which said, we shall see. After toasts, it was time for the cake cutting. Jennifer must have been excited about this part because she hurried over to the cake stand stand by herself while Austin caught up to her. They cut the cake and promptly smeared cake across their faces. Hopping off the stage, they headed to the dance floor. Bright red lights from the DJ streamed from the stands. "I think I'm in Love" by Kat Dahlia filled the room. Austin and Jennifer shared their first dance as husband and wife. Suddenly, "Suavemente" started and the dance floor came alive. Jennifer, I seriously need to learn to Salsa now! Your family knows how to party. 😁

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Adams

The Dream Team

Bride's Bouquet: The Flower Merchant

Catering: Bambinos Cafe



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