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Mikily and Brenden's Engagement Session at Nathanael Greene

A Cozy Fall Night at the Park

Nathanael Greene was Busy. VERY BUSY. Every corner you looked there were people doing photoshoots, biking, walking, or just spending time lounging in the fields. When Mikily and Brenden arrived, I decided to walk around the park and see if we could find a better spot to start. While the rose garden was the first plan, sometimes we have to shift gears 😉. As we were wandering, I got to learn even more about Mikily’s wedding. She had officially decided to have colors of deep purple, red, and white for her Christmas wedding. Her bridesmaids will all be dressed in deep purple velvet dresses. Mikily also has chosen an amazing vendor team!! Shoutout to Jenna at Cue the Confetti Event Planning, Jason at Whorlow Entertainment, and Autumn at Finn and Olive Floral! Ahhh I’m so excited 😍.

As we approached the butterfly garden, I heard excited yelling and waving. The sun was extremely bright and I couldn’t quite tell who it was. Which must have shown on my face 🤣 because the person said, “it’s Paige!” Paige is another very talented photographer in the area! If you want to check out her work, follow the link here 😍 Sorry for my social awkwardness Paige 😂🤣 I was on the struggle bus for a minute there. While we had walked quite a bit, I changed my mind about pursuing a different location and brought Mikily and Brenden back to the rose garden. At least we got to walk and chat for a bit, 😂 even if we wandered in a circle. The rose garden was the perfect place to start. I knew in my heart it was! We took a few portraits there and then headed to the next location: The herb gardens and fountain. The fountain near the herb garden is one of my favorite places to shoot at in Nathanael. Especially near golden hour since the light hits it just right! After the fountain I knew it was time to try to tackle fall photo vibes for their session.

While we are technically in the season of Fall, it still clearly seems like summer 😂. The trees are green. Flowers are still in bloom. The leaves that are falling are due to drought. However; there are some grass fields that are drying out with ragweed (even though I am horribly allergic 🤣) that gives the environment pops of golden yellow! I found the perfect spot tucked in the back of the park and the moment I took a test photo, I knew this was more of the vibe Mikily was going for. She carefully chose fall outfits and this spot brought out the best in them! I knew it was also time to bring out her props. The first one being a pumpkin with her wedding date ❤️. We may have burst into laughter when we realized this was also something very often used in pregnancy announcements. But it was perfect nonetheless. I still loved it 😍.

To kill time, we took a few photos near a gazebo where we found some red and orange flowers. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we planned to pull out the fall blanket and custom hot chocolate mugs. Laying the blanket in an open field, Mikily and Brenden filled their mugs with hot chocolate topped and a TON of whipped cream...which made it look really good for photos 😁. These were my favorite photos from their session!!! Before we said our goodbyes, we took one final night shot. I can’t wait for their December Wedding!!! It’s my favorite time of year 😍.

Mikily + Brenden

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