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Saly and Loren's Engagement Session at Nathanael Greene

A Stroll in the Park at Golden Hour

Wind speeds were high. Temperatures in the low 80s. The sun peeking back and forth through a hazy sky. A perfect evening as the month of May came to a close. I was excited about this session because I knew the rose garden was going to be in peek bloom. and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The roses were absolutely stunning!! It was not long after I arrived that I received a text that Saly and Loren were here. Minutes passed by. Another text letting me know that they might be in the wrong parking lot. More minutes passed by. A final text saying that they might be lost 😂. Once we were on the phone, we managed to identify our locations and meet in the middle. Saly and Loren might have done a whole loop around the main park prior to evening starting our session 🤣, but we got there eventually.

We began in the rose garden. Saly let me know that they had never had pictures done and that they might be a bit awkward lol Good news is, pictures for anyone can start off awkward. I told them it was too bad I didn't bring my husband around. We are as awkward as they come. 🤣 (There might have been a picture we took together in high school that will never be seen again). For pictures, once you learn some basic poses, you'll be a pro by the end of the session. That's what I'm here for 😍. When I originally arrived at the park. The rose garden was practically empty. Once we started photos, it seemed like everybody in the park decide they wanted to come and take pictures of each and every flower 🙈. I told Saly and Loren later that I think there are people who secretly watch the rose garden to make sure no one does anything to it. I'm also convinced that they don't want people to spend long amounts of time doing photographs there. Even though our time there was short, the photos we got were STUNNING!!! My heart is so happy 🥰.

We wandered the park and it seemed like every empty place we choose, people would arrive soon after. Still not sure what that was about as I write this the following morning. 😉 I got to chat with Saly and Loren about the wedding. How planning is a much greater task than we can even imagine. We also chatted about travel destinations. They are brainstorming about going to Greece on their honeymoon. Readers, what is your favorite destination you've traveled to? Leave your stories in the comments below. I told them my husband and I are thinking about Iceland next year. There are so many beautiful places around the world. It's hard to choose! I learned all about their three dogs. Which I secretly wished were at our photoshoot. But I know wrangling a husky, pit bull, and german shepherd would have been quite the task 😂. Crossing my fingers they will be at the wedding 🤩. Speaking of their wedding, when I asked about colors, Saly explained that it would be mostly sage green with some accents of light pink. As we looked around, we realized the plants we were surrounded by were sage! I jut had to get a ring shot and it turned out better than I imaged. (Even with the wind was blowing the plant back and forth).

Golden sun streamed through the park. We turned the corner into The Herb Garden. Saly and Loren recently bought a house. The previous owners had left them a map of all the hidden gems growing in their yard. Fruit trees, grape vines, and much and much more. They were skeptical at first, but come spring and now early summer, they are starting to see their garden come to life. I can't say I was a little jealous. 😂 My garden in my back yard is not going the best this year. But as we stepped into the herb garden, we were instantly captivated by the different plants. Saly spotted the lemon balm plant and we all took turns taking in the fragrance. I could have stayed in that part of the park for hours!

My favorite story about Saly and Loren was how they met. Loren and Saly are both bartenders. While they don't work at the same places today, they used to. Loren had originally hired Saly and the rest became history! Based on your story, you guys have to consider doing signature drinks. I know you've given it some thought...don't nix it just yet 😉😉😉.One of their favorite things to do together is to attend concerts. If anyone has any good upcoming recommendations. Leave those in the comments too!

Saly and Loren, I had the best time, it was wonderful to meet both of you and I can't wait for October ❤️❤️❤️

Saly + Loren


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