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Morgin and Tom's Engagement Session at Nathanael Greene

A Summer Session in Springfield, MO

I was so excited for Morgin and Tom's engagement session. I learned that they are from Houston and there was a possibility we were not going to make an engagement session happen. We luckily found a weekend that worked for all of us! Morgin and Tom flew in the day before. This was a session we were going to make happen rain or shine. 😍 The day of the session, they got the best weather possible. Clear skies. Not too hot. A few fluffy clouds. I knew that sunset was going to be gorgeous. Before they flew in, I had sent them a list of potential locations. They chose Nathanael Greene. Nathanael Greene is one of the prettiest parks in Springfield and a very popular location for couples. I was so happy that I was going to get to share a special piece of the town I call home for their first trip to the area. Morgin and Tom are getting married in Branson. They chose the area because it was a halfway point between both of their families. Morgin is from Texas and Tom is originally from Michigan. Morgin fell in love with her venue when she visited in the winter time while the snow lightly fell. She felt the magic made the decision that that was the location they would get married at. I'm so excited for their wedding! Stay tuned for their venue reveal in their wedding blog coming this fall 😍.

Arriving at Nathanael Greene, we started photos in and near the Rose Garden. Since Morgin and Tom are getting married in the fall, Morgin told me she was trying to go with a Fall outfit. Houston has been extraordinarily hot and the weather here actually felt cool, making it easier to wear jeans and sweaters! 😉. We wandered from the Rose Garden to an area near the Butterfly House. The area was lush with Greenery and flowers. Little did I know, they were positioned right next to a bush that was very popular with the bees. Luckily, we didn't bother them and they did not bother us. I did manage to get a picture of one enjoying a purple flower ❤️.

As time went on, I knew that the two of them had another outfit for the end of the session. We wrapped up with their fall outfits. While Morgin and Tom changed, I took photos of Morgin’s engagement ring. The ring was made custom and I can't wait to photograph it with the additional wedding band! It is stunning!! Feeling a stroke of creativity, I asked if I could borrow her white sneakers (which she may be wearing on her wedding day 😁) encrusted with pearls. I managed to get the engagement ring in just the right position on the shoe and it quickly became one of my favorite ring shots!! I absolutely love it!!!

Their final outfit represents their wedding colors. Morgin in a beautiful white dress and Tom in a dark emerald green shirt with khaki pants. It was perfect! I got to learn about the music Morgin is planning on walking down the aisle too as well as two contenders for their first dance. I can’t wait to hear which one she chooses 😍. They also shared with us all the preparations they are doing before the wedding!!! One that I am so impressed with is attending financial peace university (FPU) together. This is one I wish that Alex and I had done before we got married!! It would have set such a strong foundation as we entered into marriage. If you have not heard about FPU, I’ll attach a link here. Seriously Morgin and Tom, you two are amazing!!!

We ended the session by chasing the sunset and eventually spotting the moon. I took one final night sky shot and we said our goodbyes. Morgin and Tom, I can’t wait for your wedding!!! Hoping for beautiful weather and fall colors ❤️❤️❤️.

Morgin + Tom

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