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Sarah and Joseph's Engagement Session at Nathanael Greene

With an Ending at Valley Water Mill Park

Sarah and Joseph are a pretty special couple. I met Sarah due to her affiliation with Stonegate Glass Chapel and Samuel Cedars. She had been working there for a while when I joined the team last December. We connected really quickly and set up a meeting with her and Joseph to talk about their future wedding. At that meeting, we found so much in common and it felt like I was meeting with friends I had known forever. I couldn't wait for their wedding, even though they hadn't decided on a venue, or if they wanted a big or small wedding, or when the day even was going to be. I was happy for them, whatever decision that they made! Sarah's original wedding date was this October. I still have it on my calendar even though plans have changed (you never know 😉). We scheduled their engagement session a couple weeks ago, but due to the prediction of rain we rescheduled. But you'll never believe this. That day the sun came out and it was the most beautiful sunset I had seen in a long time 🙈. Sometimes Missouri weather kills me LOL😂. but maybe it was meant to be, because this time around the weather was perfect. Sarah requested two locations. The first one was Nathanael Greene. She grew up close by the park. The second was Valley Watermill Park. This is where she and Joseph got engaged.

I knew that Joseph and my husband Alex would get along great. They had a lot of common interests so I made sure Alex came along to the session 😍. Alex and I arrived a little early at the Rose Garden in Nathanael Greene Park. I texted Sarah that we were there, but she texted back that they were running a bit behind. Not too much though. A little after 5:30 they pulled into a front row space. Hopped out of the car. And we immediately started taking photos. I felt so bad though. Readers, if anybody else suffers from seasonal allergies you can definitely relate to this. There are about four weeks in the year that get me. Two in the spring and two in the fall. That morning I woke up and had such a severe allergy reaction to high levels of ragweed. My nose was completely red and it sounded like I had a cold. I promise I didn't, but I probably looked like it. Sarah said she had some issues earlier that morning and lucked out by the engagement session. As I write this blog the next day, the mold counts are insanely high, as are ragweed. I can't wait for the first frost to come around. While I don't like being cold, winter conditions are somewhat preferable for those of us who have allergies lol. Probably why I decided to get married in the winter. 😉

At Nathanael Greene, Sarah requested some photos at the Gazebo. There are two. The one I often take photos at would have been in full sun. You have to wait until the sun goes completely down during blue hour to get the magical shots. The other one, we got so lucky in. It was mostly in shade by the time we made our way across the park. While there were some bright lights, I think we did good! At the gazebo, Sarah and Joseph had gotten quite a bit warmed up with posing. Between traditional looking at the camera shots, to dancing, to lifting. They were getting good! There was a significant height difference between the two of them which made photos I don’t usually get to do so fun!!! We will have to do lifting shots at their wedding. 😁 Here, Sarah got inspired to change outfits. She went from a casual jeans and top look, to a fit and flare navy dress adorned with pink flowers. I loved it!! Peeking around, we knew we were short on time. She had to change quickly. Behind the gazebo. There was this secret entrance to the woods I had never noticed before. How, I have no idea. 🤣 Sarah snuck into the woods and emerged looking ready for a formal event! Probably one of my favorite moments of the night!

Before we left Nathanael Greene, Sarah requested the some final photos by the sunflowers. She mentioned how much she loves them, but wasn't sure if she was going to incorporate them into her wedding. As we chatted, she talked about having a more blue and gold theme. But I could tell that some sunflowers might make their way into her wedding day. We did a few ring shots on the sunflowers which turned out fantastic! While there were so many more fun shots to take at Nathanael Greene, I knew we were short for time. We booked it back to our cars, hopped in, and started the trek to Valley Water Mill Park.

20 minutes slightly Northeast of Nathaniel Greene sits Valley Water Mill Park. This is where Sarah and Joseph got engaged. If you haven't been there, like me, you need to check it out. It's a hidden gem that features a pond and walking trails through the woods. Sarah explained that they do a lot of educational events there. Joseph requested a few shots on the Red Bridge before making our way to the spot they officially got engaged at. I don't think I've ever move so fast. Once we finished at the bridge. Sarah turned to me and said I'll let you go in the front to set the pace. I joked that I have short legs but I can move super fast 😂. Usually when Alex and I go hiking, we move slow. Taking in the scenery and enjoying our time. Not this day. We were on a mission as the light was leaving quickly. I think it took us 5 minutes to get to the spot which probably should have taken 20. The spot they got engaged was a small cliffside that overlooked the pond. They got engaged in the morning in early spring. The environment was probably completely different. The forest would have been bare, maybe with a few budding leaves. Today, it was lush and green. We took a few photos and I knew we were officially out of light, but it was so fun. I'm glad we made that happen. Ee then started the trek back to the cars. Before we made it back, we saw and mama and baby deer. The forest was dark. Night had rolled in. I'm glad Sarah and Joseph were familiar with the area because I don't think we would have navigated back very well. Once at the cars, we stuck around for at least another 20 minutes. Alex chatted with Joseph. I chatted with Sarah. Alex may have gotten Joseph on the dangerous topic of politics and stocks. They may have also chatted about gaming a little bit 😂. I chatted with Sarah about all things wedding and her new cat. Hank, a cat she had found around her apartment complex, looks like he's here to stay. He was originally rescued by someone in her apartment, but that person was not the biggest fan of cats and he's fitting right into her lifestyle. I hope I get to meet Hank one day!!! 😉

Sarah + Joseph


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