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Andres and Gabriella's Engagement Session on Commercial Street

A Spring Engagement Session with Puppies

The sun was shining. Birds chirping. Temperatures in the mid 70s. A perfect spring day in March. Commercial Street was vacant. Assuming that many people flocked to the parks in preparation for the storms predicted the following day, we had the area to ourselves. I call that a win 😍. Prior to Gabriella and Andres' arrival, I got there a bit early. Two women were sitting in the parking lot as I got out of my car. By chance, I started to chat with them about what I was there for. Low and behold, one of the women was the owner of Flora and Forge. She told me about how they focus on sourcing local flowers grown in Springfield, MO. They even make bouquets for weddings!! Whatever your wedding date, think about the plants/flowers that grow in the area at that time of year. Use those flowers/plants on your wedding day and that way, every year come the season that you got married in, you will see and smell those flowers. Bringing you right back to the day of your wedding. ❤️❤️❤️ If you haven't, go and check out this small business!

Gabriella, Andres, and I met around Pizza House. From there we starting walking the street. I always forget how amazing C-Street is. Each building is a work of art. Tile runs through the alley ways. Walls painted different colors. I've shot here many times and no two sessions are ever the same. With no specific plan in mind, we chose places at random.

Gabriella and Andres were incredibly go-with the flow. They got engaged around New Years and will be getting married in less than a month ❤️. They shared how they recently started traveling and have already made it to Colorado and Florida this year. I got to learn all about flying with puppies! Gabriella and Andres have two. Hash-brown and Gravy. Yep, you read that cute are those names??? You can't say them without smiling 😍. Hash-brown and Gravy are living the life. They have been on a plane and to the beach. I'm a bit terrified to fly with my puppy Kion, but after hearing their story with their puppies, I have a little more confidence.

The puppies joined us within the last half hour of the session. By that time, we had almost done three laps around C-Street. 😂 Lots of walking but sooo worth it! Gabriella's sister brought the puppies. They were the best girls!! After a few moments of excitement, they sat and posed for the camera. I could not believe it! And they are not even one years old yet. Gabriella and Andres, you two are doing a fabulous job as dog parents. I was so impressed.

The last shot we did was the most challenging. Traffic came out of no where. What I mean by this is that for the entire session, up until this point, there were hardly any cars driving down C-Street. Suddenly, right at sunset. Car after car drove through. We desperately tried to time it so that we could run out into the middle of the street to do a picture. After what seemed like way to long, we nailed it!!! 😂 The puppies watched the whole time probably wondering what in the world we were doing. Gabriella and Andres, thank you both so much for giving me the opportunity to capture memories of this special time in your story. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!!

Gabriella + Andres


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