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Sahara and Keagan's Engagement Session at Busiek State Forest

A Winter Engagement Session in Branson, MO

Wind whipped across the skies. Temperatures started to fall. The sky turned dark. The smell of rain filled the air. The morning of Sahara and Keagan's engagement session was beautiful, but by evening hours the weather had flipped. This was our third attempt at scheduling their session. Each time due to different weather conditions. The couple had expressed that they wanted snow photos. To our amazement in January, the midwest was hit with a storm that produced over a foot of snow. Unfortunately, the road conditions prevented us form meeting to make it happen. In February, an ice storm mixed with snow was predicted. We planned a time to meet and crossed our fingers for the best. The morning of their session...I kid you not...It started LOTS OF ICE. Not only that, the storm brought thunder and lightening. It was safe to say that we did not have the session that day. Third times the charm, right?? Rain or shine, we were determined to meet. On my way to Busiek, I prayed hard that the rain would stop and the sun would return. To our amazement...a miracle happened! Our wish was granted ❤️

Sahara and Keagan met in high-school. Both of them explained how they moved around a lot growing up and went to different schools. They eventually crossed paths near the end of high school and the rest is history. Keagan proposed at Devil's Den State Park. A place I had not heard of, but is now on my list of go-to places 😉. Keagan explained that while proposing he almost dropped the ring into the water! I think my heart stopped hearing this. Things like that happen more often than you think 🙈. But luckily, the ring made it to Sahara safe and sound ❤️. An amethyst surrounded by white gold. To all my couples reading this, who is dreaming OR has a ring with a colored stone? I'm in love with the color!

During the session, Sahara and Keagan were troopers. There was quite a bit more mud than I expected and we did our best to navigate around the puddles and wet patches. Due to the rain, the water levels in the creek were pretty high.You know how you think you can make a jump across water and then once you get there, you have serious doubts in your abilities? That's what happened to me 😂. Due to Keagan's quick thinking, he grabbed a log and made a make-shift bridge allowing us to cross over the water to other locations in the creek bed. Keagan, you're amazing! Thank you!

We ended the session at the Branson Cross. The largest cross in North America. It provides an overlook across the rolling hills of Branson. Protected from the wind at Busiek, we were no longer sheltered by the large cliffs. The wind was strong. Blowing our hair into our eyes so we could barely see. Storm clouds were visible throughout the sky. but it was worth it. While the weather was still crazier than I could have imaged, it provided a memory that will make me smile for years to come. Next stop, Sahara and Keagan's wedding. Congratulations you two!!! I can't wait for you big day ❤️.

Sahara + Keagan


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