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Carrie and Jonathan's Engagement Session at Hayes Spring Conservation Area

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

An Homey Engagement Session in the Ozark's

Sometimes fate has a way of making us re-think our choices and put us on the path that we are supposed to be on. That sounds super cheesy, but it happens. Carrie and Jonathan's engagement session had to be re-scheduled due to inclement weather. They had always planned on having Carrie's grandfather's car and their mustangs in the photoshoot. Originally, I proposed we meet at Stonegate Glass Chapel the first time round. Since they are getting married there, it made sense. Weather was not on our side. Re-scheduling the session, we knew Stonegate was no longer an option and put a home photoshoot back on the table. Carrie and Jonathan live within walking distance of a conservation area. Feeling like this was the right move, we went with it! I am so glad we did.

Pulling into Jonathan's home, and Carrie's future home, Jonathan shared the backstory on the property. He's had to do a complete gutting of the home because it was in such rough shape when he bought it. Sometimes a little renovation is worth it. Especially in such a beautiful forest area ❤️. Don't laugh 😂 but I officially learned what a buckeye tree was. I noticed that there was a tree in the front yard that had huge buds on it. Jonathan explained what is was and that they eventually produce seeds that look like acorns. For anyone interested in getting a tree, buckeyes are supposed to be good luck charms. I just might get one for my house!

I made a friend in Casper. Casper is Jonathan's 10 year-old weimaraner. Casper is the sweetest boy! He ran right up to my car and immediately wanted pets. So many pets that he will push his body into yours. He was so excited for company and often trotted around Carrie and Jonathan while taking pictures. We did try to attempt a portrait of Casper using a treat, but he could hardly stand the excitement 😂. Howling and bouncing up and down. He leaped off the porch by lifting all four paws off the ground at once and landed on the grass. I couldn't help it. I gave him the treat 😂.

After time with Casper, we headed up the road to the conservation area. We walked and talked and I got to learn all about Carrie and Jonathan's story. We ended the session with photos in and around the cars. I think they became my favorite from the whole night!! Readers, can you guess which car might be the wedding get-away car? 😁 Leave your guess in the comments below.

Carrie + Jonathan

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