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Gaven and Cheyanne's Engagement Session at Storiebook Moments

A Spring Engagement Session at their Wedding Venue

The wind whipped across the plains. Grass swaying back and forth. The flag pole teetering dangerously. A cold front was moving in, despite a beautiful toy story sky. Gaven, Cheyanne, and I met for their engagement photos at the venue they will be getting married at. Storiebook Moments is located right off I-44 in Waynesville, MO. A venue built on 800 acres of family farm. The inside features tall ceilings with an impressive fireplace feature embellished with stone. The outside rich with trees and rolling hills.

We started off by brainstorming places to take family and wedding party portraits. Wandering away from the building, we headed for the tree line. One lone tree had bloomed. A spec of green and white amongst the brown winter trees. Gaven and Cheyanne had already had engagement photos done the previous year. This meant they were familiar with posing techniques. Plus with Gaven's knowledge of photography this can make photos sessions so fun because you can brainstorm 😁. We did dipping photos, (which I'm so excited to try on their wedding day, especially with a sneak preview of Cheyanne's wedding gown 😁), walking photos, dancing photos, traditional name it! All while golden light streamed from behind them. Did I mention it was a GORGEOUS sunset???

While walking the property, we chatted about how their two dogs are going to be ring bearers in their wedding. I don't think I can hide my excitement on that one 😁. We talked about the pros and cons of a first look. OK readers, this is where we need your help. From those who have gotten married, whether you did or did not do a first look, what do you all think? Did you love that you did one? Did you wish that you had done one? Leave your stories in the comments below. This is such a personal choice, but I'm curious of everyone's opinions. Something that is gaining in popularity is doing a father-daughter first look. To me, as a photographer, this is such beautiful addition to a wedding day and a moment that I wish I had at my wedding! I might tear up a bit watching my brides have these moments. They tug at my heart every time ❤️.

Gaven and Cheyanne have so much to look forward to this year! In addition to getting married, both will be applying to post-graduate schools. Gaven to medical school and Cheyanne to PA school. While you read this and are thinking about them, send them all the good vibes!! Gaven, Cheyanne may have mentioned that one of your top school choices was AT Still. Kirksville is part of my old stomping grounds so I might just have to come up and visit you two if you end up there! 😍

We ended the session in an open field. I may have said one more photo one two many times. You can't let beautiful light go to waste 😁. This session turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined and I can't wait to capture you both there on your wedding day. June can't get here fast enough.

Gaven + Cheyanne

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