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Brett and Briona's Engagement Photos at Talbot Conservation Area

An Evening Engagement Session Under the Stars

The moment I met Brett and Briona I knew our personalties clicked. My husband and Brett share similar backgrounds in career choice and Briona and I both have backgrounds in education. Once I heard how Brett proposed, I knew I wanted to attempt a special photo for the both of them. Brett proposed to Briona while stargazing under an Autumn night sky at Talbot Conservation Area. Astrophotograhy is no easy feet, but we were all up for attempting to make it happen. To capture the stars, so many conditions have to align. The shot needs to be at a new moon, the skies have to be clear, and there needs to be minimal light pollution...meaning you have go to more remote locations.

The night of their engagement session, there was a prediction of rain in the forecast coming in at around 1 a.m. The skies were clear for most of the day which meant there was a possibility we could beat the clouds before they rolled in. We took a chance and met for their session. We may have snuck some pictures in at golden and blue hour, 😉 but once the sun went down, we killed time by walking the trails. If you have not been out to Talbot Conservation area, I would highly recommend. It's incredibly peaceful with views of rolling hills and fields. Plus it's perfect for stargazing 🙌. As the night went on, the skies became darker and darker. The trouble was, while the skies were becoming darker, minimal stars were visible. This meant that the clouds had decided to make an early appearance.

Since we were there, we thought it was worth a shot to try to see what we could get! I found one section of sky where the stars shone through and by a miracle, they appeared in the photo!!! Those clouds were clearly evident though. You could see them moving across the photos between each shot I took. Of course the very next night the skies were crystal clear. 😂 Weather in the Ozark's can be so frustrating. Even with the cloud troubles, I had the best time with the two of them.

Brett + Briona

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