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Hannah and Kel's Engagement Session at Shoal Creek Falls

A Spring Engagement Session by the Waterfall

It felt like summer. A warm breeze. The sun coming in and out behind moving clouds. A mist from the waterfall brushing your skin. The smell of river water flooding the air. Hannah and Kel has chosen the perfect spring day. Hannah appeared slightly worried about the amount of clouds in the sky...but I assured her that it would be perfect. After shooting at sunset so many times, you learn that these conditions sometimes make for the best portraits. Plus, a little bit of clouds when shooting near water can make a world of difference.

Hannah and Kel brought along their puppy Maverick. A sixth month old golden doodle who will eventually be in their wedding. Wishing I could fast forward to their 2023 wedding date because I can hardly stand how cute this puppy is going to be in a wedding!! 😍 To help with corralling the puppy, Hannah and Kel brought along Kel's mom. Big shout-out to Kel's mom Tammy for all her help! We could not have done it without you.

Shoal Creek Falls is located in Joplin, MO. A popular waterfall destination. It's surrounded by layers of rock that lead down to the river bed. Be prepared to do some climbing and possibly get a little wet. 😉 We jumped down from rocks, crossed parts of the river, climbed up and on name it! We watched tourists come and go from the area. Our hearts about stopped when we we saw some young teenagers wading into heavy moving water. Luckily I think they thought better of it and moved to a safer location. But my goodness I bet that water was cold!!! Someone who was enjoying the water immensely was Maverick. He attempted to enter every puddle he could find. If left to his own devices, I think he would have gone for a swim 😂.

Golden hour rolled in and the skies turned orange and pink. Illuminating the waterfall with a beautiful glow. I think we must have stopped to stare multiple times. Just admiring how beautiful nature was this evening. The longer we were there, the louder the waterfall seemed to become. I resorted to pantomiming across the rocks. 😂 Somehow, Hannah and Kel had learned to interpret the gestures due to enough practice of poses prior to this point. Super impressed you two! We ended the session with a request for a dipping shot from Hannah. I learned that Hannah and Kel are rockstars at two of the trickiest poses. Dipping and lifting. We are for SURE going to do those at your wedding.

Hannah + Kel

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