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Sierra and John's Engagement Session at Pittsburg State University

A Spring Engagement Session on Campus

Rolling hills turned into flat farmland as far as the eye could see. The sky was blue. Temperatures in the 60s. Trees were erupting in buds. Spring seemed to be making its way into Kansas. I met Sierra and John at Pittsburg State University. When I arrived, Sierra and John were gathered around a picnic table with their niece and nephew. McDonalds happy meals propped on the table. These two kiddos have a special place in Sierra and John's heart. By June, they should be officially adopted and will get to walk down the aisle at Sierra and John's wedding as their son and daughter. These two kids were along for the engagement session ride today and were ecstatic to go and explore the park.

The park had a winding trail around a pond that was connected on either side by bridges that ran through the middle. We wandered to the campus church first. An adorable historic building that looks like it was taken strait from Europe. While I photographed Sierra and John, the kids were busy tossing sticks and acorns into the pond 😂. We may have taken several breaks to ensure no unplanned swims occurred. 😉

We wandered around the pond, past large bushels of bamboo and weeping willow vines. The kids jumped from tree to tree while I placed Sierra in John in a variety of locations. The tricky part about photographing around water is that it can become incredibly bright at sunset. The light will reflect off the water and be as blinding as if you were looking into the sun. Therefore, you have to be strategic. I knew I wanted to do photos in front of the water, but the sun was not quite low enough yet ❤️.

We wandered back to the picnic tables to kill some time while the sun dipped past the stadium. Shading the pond from light. Sierra had a particular photo in mind and we just had to attempt it. While the inspiration photo was at a beach (which Kansas might be lacking 😂) we made do with the pond. This brought out major giggles as Sierra had to climb into John's lap to achieve the look. I think we nailed it you two. I had the best time!!

Sierra + John


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