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Tiffany and Danial's Engagement Session at Sequiota Park

A Beautiful, Chilly Fall Evening at the Park

A massive cold front dropped the temperatures a day before the session. During the week, we were enjoying sunny, warm days in the 70s. Gorgeous end of fall weather. The day of Tiffany and Danial’s session…the high was around 40. I knew it was going to be cold, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the temperatures to hover at 32. This was the first, what I consider, true winter day of the season. I was in a little bit of temperature denial 😂. It was COLD. Tiffany chose to have her session at Sequiota park with potential trips to Quarry Town and a church. We met at the park. Tiffany’s mom joined the session. Shoutout to your mom here Tiffany!!! She was a trooper. I’m also really glad she bundled up as much as she did. That was super smart. The plan was to start at the park, head to Quarry Town, then back to either the park or church. The church was a bit of a gamble. I mentioned that they had a sign up about no unauthorized photography, so it would be a risk. Spoiler alert….we decided against the church. 😂 It was probably for the best.

The sun was shining. Making the cold bearable as long as we stayed in the sun. The hardest part was your hands and fingertips going numb. My struggle was that my fingertips would become so numb I could hardly push the shutter on my camera. 🤣 This was a constant cause of laughter throughout our time together. Tiffany had mentioned that Danial had originally planned for wearing shorts…but they nixed that plan. We did a half walk around the pond. I told Tiffany her current profile image was a pose that I was going to do with them today! She was already on top of prepping for her engagement session and she didn’t even know it! 😉 As we walked, Alex beat me to asking them about wedding planning and Tiffany talked about how most of it was already done! They are planning to get married at Samuel Cedars because of their all inclusive packages, it made the planning easy! 😍 They are going to have a rustic elegant wedding. Brides, if any of you connect with that theme, check out Samuel Cedars because it’s the perfect place to have a wedding like that!!!

Because we were getting so cold, we decided to head to Quarry town. This would give us time to warm up our hands while we had a quick drive in the car. In warmer weather, we probably would have walked... 😂 But not today. If you haven’t been to Quarry Town, this is a place you have to check out! Nestled on the Galloway trail, there are apartments, restaurants, boutique shops…you name it! Also, a perfect place for photos. 😍 Alex immediately spotted a restaurant. “The Rock.” Pretty sure he almost ordered some food on the spot 😂. Especially after full endorsement from Tiffany and Danial. They were explaining how good it was and I think it was making Alex hungrier. It is now a place we have to try! I decided to take a picture of Tiffany’s ring while here. Danial spotted the perfect evergreen. I try to find nature that has their wedding colors and the evergreen could not have been more perfect. Not a true emerald green (which is one of their colors 😉), but I would say we got pretty close!

The sun started dipping below the trees and we made the decision to head back to the park. Due to less sunlight, the temperature starting dipping below freezing. But this was the best time of day for light so we had to take advantage! 😁 My heart was set on a beautiful bridge shot at Sequiota and we nailed it! The sun was in just the right spot. Illuminating the tree tops behind them showing off the last bit of fall colors before going dormant for winter. I was in heaven. We pushed through as many more pictures as we could. Poor Tiffany and Danial could hardly feel their cheeks from smiling so much in the cold. But we did it! Tiffany and Danial, I had so much fun and even with the cold, we made some memories 😍. I can’t wait for your wedding!

Tiffany + Danial


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