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Tylar and Hunter's Engagement Session at Finley Farms

A Fall Evening with the best couple and the cutest puppies!

The day before Tylar and Hunter's engagement session it was cold...I mean really cold. I was nervous that we may have a similar day, but luckily the temperatures rose to the 40s and while I knew it would be chilly, it could still work! Tylar said as long as I was willing to brave the cold, they would love to have their session at Finley Farms! I was all for it and we decided to commit. I'm so glad we did because it was a perfect evening with beautiful light. ❤️ When Tylar and Hunter messaged me that they had arrived, I was beyond exited to see them AND their two puppies: Lupo and Lottie. Lupo and Lottie are two mini Australian Shepards. I may have a soft spot in my heart for aussies. Especially with our puppy Kion. Tylar and Hunter handed us the leashes of the puppies so that they could run inside and get the photo pass, but let me tell you...Lupo and Lottie were not onboard with that plan 😂. They cried and barked the entire time. I was afraid someone would think Alex and I were stealing the dogs. We eventually picked them up and they calmed down a bit, but they were still anxious to return to their owners. When the doors opened and Tylar and Hunter returned, they almost leaped out of our arms in happiness. 🤣

I was so exited to have this session with them because Tylar and Hunter have made big changes to their wedding plans. I won't say too much in this blog, but I am so excited for them ❤️. Hunter has a background in photography and we brainstormed some fun pictures we might potentially experiment with on their wedding day. (Astro photography might be one of them 😉). Hunter, I did check and there is a full moon around your wedding date. While we might not get a ton of stars, we could still try for an epic night shot. I'm up for it!!! Tylar and I on the other hand, brainstormed all the details: from her dress, to the shoes, to the potential color scheme of her flowers. They are going to have an epic backdrop so I know picking colors that compliment the environment would make things even more incredible! We also suspect that it could be really cold. Brides, this is something I wish I had known when I got married (since I also got married in a cold month 😂), but Etsy has some amazing small businesses that make winter shawls, cardigans, coats, sweaters, etc. specifically for wedding dresses!! They are gorgeous and I would definitely check it out if this is something you might want on your wedding day. ❤️

Let's pause for a second just to admire this ring shot! This is something I do at each of my engagement sessions. I may seem a bit socially awkward and riduculous looking for the perfect spot...which I'm pretty sure happened with Tylar and Hunter 😂, but I always try to incorporate something from the environment. I am amazed with the results every time. There is something I just LOVE about this one though. It's elegant, simple, and organic. All three of those traits mingled in to also make it feel romantic. I think it has something to do with the cut of the diamond 💍 I'm also going to leave it a secret where Hunter found this ring...but you wouldn't believe me if I told you! It's just so beautiful 🥰

As golden hour approached, we headed back towards the main building. Alex was quickly becoming best friends with Lupo and Lottie. We would swap them in and out of pictures and Alex would take off running with them to burn energy. The skies flamed orange and reflected off of the red and pink brick...making Finley Farms even more beautiful. I can see why it's such a popular place to take photos. The temperature was also dropping as the sun dipped lower and lower until it was hidden behind the horizon. The Christmas lights started to turn on and we headed back towards the bridge. Hunter mentioned how beautiful the bokeh of the lights would be and I could not have agreed more ❤️. We were not the only ones who had this idea though 😂. The bridge was full of families so we switched plans temporarily and found some lights at the front of the building until we could sneak a spot on the bridge. We ended the night on the bridge. I had so many favorite images from this session I knew it would be hard to narrow it down. Tylar and Hunter, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture memories of this special time! It was the best ❤️❤️❤️.

Tylar + Hunter

P.S. Hunter is you're reading this, for sure send me that cinnamon roll recipe 😁. The holidays are coming and I will be getting into the baking mood soon! Tylar, contact me asap about the puppies 😉


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