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Brett and Briona's Engagement Session on C-Street

Let the Environment Inspire You

It was a perfect summer day. Temperatures in the 80s, low humidity, and clear skies. Brett, Briona, and I met for a small shoot a couple months ago to try to attempt a night sky shot. If you haven’t seen this blog, go check it out 😍. Brett had proposed to Briona under the stars so this is something we had to try to capture as part of their wedding experience. Unfortunately, clouds moved in right as we attempted to capture the night sky. I joked that on the day of their actual engagement session the skies would be clear 😂. And what do you know? The day arrived and there was not a cloud in the sky. Since we did a shoot out in the country the first time, we chose a more urban location this time. C-Street!

It was a Monday night (oh gosh...Brett and Briona, 😂 as I’m writing this, I think I actually thought it was Sunday on the day of your shoot because all the shops were closed. If I said it was Sunday, dis-regard those comments) and C-Street was pretty empty. A car would go by every now and then. Most of the time we had the place to ourselves!! It was the best. C-Street is a wonderful place for a session because it has so many fun walls, objects, and open areas that allow for a variety of pictures. Each time I go back, I get inspired by something different. Alex, my husband, came with me to this session. He and Brett share a common background and since he will be there on their wedding day, I thought it would be a good get-to-know-you experience. It’s always a little dangerous though because Alex LOVES to chat 😁.

It wasn’t ten minutes into their session and we ended up in a parking lot, probably for 15 - 20 minutes, with Alex chatting away to Brett. 🤣 We even had two residents watching us from a balcony above. Probably wondering what in the world we were doing. I got time with Briona, she’s almost done teaching summer school and I learned that she’s teaching a sci-fi class next year! One of my favorite topics, since Stargate is my favorite show of all time 😁. Briona, you have to watch it! We did get to talk about Dr. Who. Readers, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, give a shout-out in the comments below. Briona’s first episode into the series was the Van Gogh episode, which was very ironic since we chose a location on C-Street which was right next to the Van Gogh restaurant.

We slowly crept down the street. Grabbing spots that felt fun and snapping some photos. Brett and Briona had said they used to come to C-Street to visit the Tea Shop. This meant we had to try to take a photo in front of it. I wish the cars hadn’t been there, we could have gotten a full shop photo. At least I got the word “Tea” in one of the pictures 🤣. All throughout C-Street, the lilies were in full bloom. Maroon, yellow, pink, and orange. We admired them as we walked past. I’ll have to remember this for future years! The lilies don’t bloom until mid to end of June. 😁 The things you notice as a photographer.

We found the coolest stair case in one of the back alleys. I told them I had a friend that got married at a venue in KC that has a staircase that winds up the building. Essentially, if you get married there, it's custom to do a staircase picture as part of your wedding day memory. For C-Street, the custom photo is a middle of the street shot. Which can be very tricky since it seems like traffic continues to increase. But we made it happen!!! 😍 See the first photo of the blog!

Alex was in heaven when he discovered that Brett and Briona felt the same about the Boba Fett series as he did 🤣. All of us are fans of the Madalorian, but we had constructive criticism about some of the components of Boba Fett. I think you two made Alex’s day 😂😂😂. The sun started to set and we took our final photos. I turned around to see Alex crouched on the ground. A small cat was camouflaged in a stone statue area. While Brett and Briona don’t have pets yet, they are waiting until they are able to buy a home of their own ❤️. Brett and Briona, once you do, I can’t wait to see photos of new additions to the family ❤️❤️❤️.

Alex and I had the best time with the both of you, hopefully we weren't too socially awkward as a combination 🤣😂🤣. We can’t wait for your wedding!

Brett + Briona


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