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Quinlyn and Drew's Wedding at Stonegate Glass Chapel

"I can't help falling in love with you"

There was a chance of rain. Despite the forecast, the skies were bright blue filled with puffy white clouds. A warm summer day with high levels of humidity. Quinlyn and Drew’s wedding day had arrived. Quinlyn and I met at a Stonegate open house. We instantly connected with our backgrounds in speech-language pathology. Quinlyn has just started her graduate program and the moment we get talking about the field, it's hard to stop. I wish her all the best as she begins this journey in a field that I poured a ton of my heart into. I know she'll do great things. When I arrived at Stonegate, I snuck a few pictures of her wedding cake. Ivory icing lined with giant red flowers. Topped with a golden heart. I then made my way down to the bridal suite. The room was filled with people. Quinlyn was surrounded by some of the most important people in her life. Many of them had their phones out and were filming her. I’m guessing she had recently gotten into her dress. 😉 A ball gown covered from top to bottom with sparkles and gems. I was in love! It was gorgeous. ❤️ Since we were less than 30 minutes from the start time of the ceremony, I asked Quinlyn if she would like some photos of her mom making the final adjustments to her wedding gown and veil. She said yes so we snapped a few photos. I told Quinlyn I was going to go see what was going on with the groom's boutonnieres next 😉.

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, boutonnieres can be one of the most challenging parts of the getting-ready process. It's trickier than you think. They often take more time than the grooms and the groomsmen anticipate. As I walked into the groom's suite, I spotted Drew and asked him to come outside for this momentous occasion. His mom was helping pin his boutonniere on, but it was a struggle 😂. The pin was sticking straight out of the bottom section. I offered my assistance and his mom let me take over 😉. (a skill that you don't think you'll obtain as a wedding photographer is actually getting really good at putting boutonnieres on.) At this point, it was almost time for the ceremony. I grabbed my gear and headed to the chapel.

Before the ceremony started, Doug, the officiant and one of the owners of Stonegate, walked down the aisle and made an announcement to the guests. The first announcement had to do with rules related to photographing with cell phones and the second was to prepare for the bubble exit. Quinlyn and Drew requested that guests file out so that they can make a grand exit with bubbles as they celebrated their first moment as husband and wife. After the announcement, the processional began. As parents, grandparents, and the wedding party finished their walk down the aisle, silence filled the room. I peeked out through the back glass and saw Quinlyn exit the bridal suite and make her way to the chapel. I glanced over at Drew and he had his back to the main doors. When the bridal processional music began, Drew turned around and I captured the first moment he saw his bride. During the ceremony, the officiant emphasized the concepts of love exemplified in the Bible. Quinlyn and Drew exchanged rings and sealed their marriage with a kiss. At this point, normally the bride and groom walk down the aisle while the guests cheer. But these two had different plans. All of the guests and wedding party exited the chapel to line up along the walkway. The bubble machine turned on. The ushers opened the doors and Quinlyn and Drew walked out of the chapel while guests smiled and cheered and blew bubbles. They stopped halfway, kissing for an epic photo moment.

After the ceremony, it was time to sign their marriage license. Doug had everything prepared just inside the chapel. Quinlyn and Drew grabbed their witnesses and signed on the appropriate lines. It was now official!!! 😍 We quickly completed family photos followed by wedding party. I now had Quinlyn and Drew all to myself. We took as many photos as possible before I had to leave. We went back inside the chapel. They took portraits on the swing. They walked up the winding path from the chapel to the reception hall. So many amazing spots to take photos and I had the best time! Once our time was done, I snuck a few final photos of their wedding rings. I left them to spend the rest of their day with their guests. Quinlyn and Drew, I had the best time! Congratulations on your marriage. I wish you both all the best.

Quinlyn + Drew

Dream Team

Flowers: Linda's Flowers

Rings: JCPenny

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